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Lease with option to purchase, in short, is termed as lease option or lease purchase. For residential real estate, it is a contract between the lessee and the lessor. During the term of the contract, the lessee or the tenant has to pay rent to the lessor or the landlord, so that the lessee would ...
In order to stop foreclosure one must understand the foreclosure process. Foreclosure process differs in every state, and it is best that you as a homeowner understands and know the foreclosure process, as well as, the timeline. You, as the borrower, would be able to make a good or perhaps better...
Foreclosure is the unforeseen problem that could take all your dreams and all your hard work away. You worked hard to have a beautiful dream house then suddenly because of foreclosure you could lose it all. There are many reasons why foreclosure happens: One is a sudden death in the family, anoth...
Are you transferring to another town or state because of a job transfer or other reasons? If you are, then your house will be empty and you need to have additional money to purchase another real estate property specifically a house. So how will you solve that situation? A great option for you is ...
Foreclosure is a problem that many people have been experiencing right now. If you are one of them, you would be now thinking of a solution for you to stop the foreclosure process immediately. One of the most practical solutions to your foreclosure problem is to sell before foreclosure. There are...

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