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Went out networking yesterday to open houses and talk with some agents. Thay all said that they had a lot of traffic. That is good. April has been blah for workload! The weather has something to do with it for sure. Iwas very optimistic this winter with an increased workload . April has not been ...
Man o man Have not done any blogging at all sorry about that. Will try to post more for sure. Waiting for some sign of spring. Market here in Chicago for Jan and Feb was looking good more than a 50% increase for me but Mar slacked off a bit . Hey anything is better than last year that was the pit...
Happy Holidays to all. Been slow as expected for this time of year. I hope everyone has had their furnace serviced by a qualified professional to ensure safety and top notch performance. Also make sur that you air filter are changed according to Mfr Specs. Hopefully something will be happening so...
Hello everybody! Man o Man been away to long!. No excuses at all. Not much going on i the market. August was much better than July or should I say January. That is what it felt like. Volume is a ittle better. been doing some disaster work with all the floods here in IL. One day we will come out o...
Hi To All Not much activity anywhere. Web traffic down,phone inquiries down. Not much goin on. It is vacation time, but I am always an optimist. Sooner or later it will turn and I will be there. I hope everyone had a good 4th ! Hopefully this week will be busier than the last couple. Well for one...
Where is all this rain coming from? make sure your sump pumps and battery back ups are operating properly. This actually a good time to do inspections because that sneaky little enemy water is alot easier to spot. Well the grass sure looks good but the flowers are sure suffering from lack of sun....
Hello to all Just reminding everyone to make sure your deck is in good shape before you pack all your friends on it. A good percentage of decks are not supported properly and are deteriorated. It is always agood idea to have an annual inspection and maintenance done to keep it in tip top shape. N...
Hi to all All of sudden I am the most popular person! LOL ! Thing are really getting going now already have some scheduled for this week. hopefully it keeps up. What makes it even sweeter,that almost all of the inspections were like 2 miles from my house. I just love that as I think anyone would....
Hi All Seems like every road I take has construction. Even when I take an alternate. I will have to check google on minute by minute basis. LOL. Thank God For GPS or I would have been lost at sea a couple times for sure . How did we get along without this great invention. They should give the inv...
Hello to all I have been seeing more unknown organic substances (aka) possible mold recently. I just want everybody to know that you can get ill if you are exposed. Minimum protection is 3M model #8210 dust mask and they are available at all Home improvement centers. Mold is not always the end of...

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