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Something Very Different! I just watched the most fascinating new clip on CBS Sunday Morning. Ford Motor Company commissioned an artist and musician to build instruments from the parts of two of the companies Ford Focus models. Not only that but they also assembled a group of musicians to perfor...
            This! it's a long version and really takes off at 2:25, enjoy! or this... and one of my life long favorites Don't let my taste for this type of music fool you, I am not about any particular style or type of music (My ipod is the most confusing shuffle you will ever hear) and it is th...
It is 102 degrees, the middle of August in Austin, Texas and IT IS HOT! I feel the sweat dripping down the small of my back as I step across the concrete to the edge of the pool. Looking back, I see my friend kicking off his sandals and realize he does not suspect anything unusual. I look out ove...
                                                                             Hello...hello??? Are you open today?     I walk out from the kitchen to see the woman cautiously peering through the door and say "Sure...Come on in! There IS an Open House sign out front and several more planted at vari...
August 12th, 2008 Forty years ago today Cheap Thrills the seminal work by Texas artist Janis Joplin and Big Brother and the Holding company was released. This was the album that proved to be the breakout for Janis and sold over a million copies (what would have been multi-platinum by today's stan...
As a newcomer who arrived in July, I have had a huge learning curve here at Active Rain. My brief time here has already been marked with controversy with the Localism Land Rush, spelling errors, net etiquette fo-paws (no I do NOT know how to spell that and neither does spell check), removal of po...
Many baby boomer celebrities will cross the big Fifty Year line this year. It's funny in a way because in our area we now call homes built in the 1950's "Mid-Century". Yes, I passed the mark several years back myself but never really thought of myself as "older". Like they say it's all in your he...
I think my grandmother was right when she told me that we should never discuss religion or politics in "polite company". With that said, I have noticed a larger number of posts with a political bent lately so when I came across this little illustration I thought "What the heck; when it comes to p...
Sale! Sale! Sale Everyone deals with this question on a fairly regular basis. "Will you reduce your commission? I do not like people getting into my back pocket but it is a reality and of course everything is negotiable. Here are some questions I ask of potential sellers. •1)    Would reduce your...
I just saw a post about "Funny signs" and remembered a really humorous site where you can create your own funny street, building, highway and other signs with your own dialogue. Go to: Currently there is a Bar-Be-Que Restaurant sign but you can scroll down and see...

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Insight, opinions and information about luxury real estate and living the good life in Austin, Texas!