We all know that it's now a whole new world in real estate!  COVID-19 has changed it all.  We can expect to see more sellers being cautious about showing their homes and buyers being cautious about being in unfamiliar places.  I truly believe that 3-D virtual tours are the future of real estate. ...
I truly didn't know what to expect for home sales during this Coronavirus lockdown but was pleasantly surprised that the Branson Real Estate Market did very well.  There weren't as many homes sold obviously because it has been very difficult to show them!  But other than the number of homes sold,...
Short Sales!  Many people think they are difficult, but with good preparation, they can be easier than you think.  This Guide will help you understand the process.  As agents, we all want to work in the best interests of our clients to make sure they come through a tough situation in the best pos...
To get better acquainted with the Branson real estate market, I did 5-year comparisons on many of the condo and single-family communities.  I wanted to see sales data and appreciation rates.  What I found surprised me.  Can you guess which condo unit won - by far?  I thought the lakeside condos w...
Well Water vs. City Water.  What are the pros and cons?  Some people love well water and others wouldn't touch it with a 10' Pole.  Personally, I would rather have well water any day over city water.  For one thing, it doesn't have all the chemicals that are added to city water.  And another, the...
Branson cabins are a great investment in Taney Co MO.  I just finished a 5-year study of cabin sales prices in the Branson area, and couldn't believe the yearly appreciation for condos and chalets.  Taney County has a very healthy yearly appreciation rate of 38.39% for average sales prices.  Espe...
Happy Valentine's Day in Branson!  Just a short article with some fun tips and ideas to treat your one-and-only to a great Valentine's Day.  You might get an idea whether or not you live in Branson?  Be sure to see the last idea! Please contact me with any questions you have!
I just finished the Branson Real Estate Market Report for the past 5 Years.  With the NAR showing a national average appreciation rate of 3.6%, most market segments in Branson have done very well indeed.  The largest increase was single-family lakefront properties appreciating at an average of 17...
I thought it would be fun to go back 5 years and compare average home sales prices for Hollister MO Real Estate.  I like to break down the sales into property sub-types to get a better view of specific kinds of homes. Hollister is a wonderful community off Highway 65 - between Branson and Ridgeda...
It's still a seller's market in Branson - but I'm noticing the numbers inching up a bit.  The magic number is an absorption rate of '6' months worth of inventory if nothing else were to be listed.   This is a normal market.  Anything below 6 is a seller's market with less inventory available, and...

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