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Richard Strahm's little corner of the Internet, dedicated to all things Real Estate and Montgomery County PA!
As agents, we all have to deal with the dated listings.  As buyers, we’ve all seen them. When speaking with homeowners, sometimes a little subtraction might help them see the light! Me:        Your home is in beautiful condition.  How many things have you updated since you bought it in 1983? Sell...
Every so often you start reading a real estate description that causes a chuckle due to a misplaced word or unintentional spelling error that transforms the intended meaning. And sometimes you hit the mother lode in one listing! Pretty warmed 2 story colonial.  Great start.  Pretty warmed because...
What street COULDN'T you live on? In so many ways, the home you live in defines you as a person.  And that extends to the name of the street you live on. Have you or your client's ever NOT bought a home because of the street name?  Personally, I once didn't buy a perfectly acceptable home that I ...
Pick a house, any house! Let me start this one off by saying I am not out to bash limited service agencies - or homeowners who want to sell homes as "For Sale by Owner." But I am going to point out that in the first case, you often get what you pay for, and in the second - it ain't as easy as it ...
Meet me at the water cooler.  A phrase that I hate to hear when I'm listing a home for sale.   Not that I have anything against water coolers.  I mean, who doesn't love that large, burping bubble that rises to the top of the bottle when you get yourself a drink.  I'm smiling just thinking of the ...
Mirror, mirror on the wall . . . Those mirrors can get tricky when trying to take photographs of bathrooms.  Especially when there are two mirrors at 90 degree angles. But our MLS is very clear on the subject of people in listing photographs:  Photos or renderings submitted for inclusion with dat...
New Pennsylvania Listing Contract! Here's an important piece of news for Pennsylvania real estate professionals and Pennsylvania home sellers. The Pennsylvania Association of Realtors is in the process of updating the Listing Contract (Seller Agency Contract) -- Exclusive Right to Sell Real Estat...
Well, I got my Wednesday chuckle today -- from the MLS! Well Maint Slum Sided Bung In Quiet Convenient Area! Huh?  Hahahaha!  I believe you are trying to tell me that this is an aluminum sided bungalow. But I like "well maintained slum" so much better.  We all need a good oxymoron to brighten up ...
When is advertising deceptive? As real estate professionals, we all understand the term puffing.  For those non-professionals out there, puffing, or puffery, is a term refering to promotional statements and claims that express subjective rather than objective views, such that no reasonable person...
When you're trying to sell your home, it's essential that you get it in tip-top condition.  While that sounds like a no-brainer, it's amazing the resistance I hear from sellers: People will overlook my clutter -- they know all the stuff is going with me. I lived with that since I bought the home ...

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Richard Strahm's little corner of the Internet, dedicated to all things Real Estate and Montgomery County PA!