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Richard Strahm's little corner of the Internet, dedicated to all things Real Estate and Montgomery County PA!
Which video would YOU watch?!? (Wait for it – a cute kitten video follows!) I work with a great group of people.  The three owners of our company have embraced the technology that  makes today’s real estate marketplace hum. We have a full HD video studio with green screen, professional camera, li...
Get That House a Box of Kleenex! I think. Only I don't know what to think!  I love MLS typos and glaring proof reading errors.  And I can usually figure out what was really meant.  But this one has me scratching my head: "This end unit townhome is sniffled all day long showing off its well mainta...
One of the all time best videos I've seen on why it's so important to get a home inspection. Although I think my mother could have picked up on this beauty!     Richard Strahm is an award winning Realtor specializing in the North Penn areas of Montgomery County -- Lansdale, Upper Gwynedd, North W...
Peek-a-boo, I see you! But I really shouldn't. People have no place in MLS photos.  Our local MLS forbids pictures with people in them.  But I still see them! Please practice this line, "Excuse me - I can see you in the picture!"  Come on - you're trying to take the best shot possible, right? The...
Sometimes you see an MLS photo that makes you say, "What's THAT?!?" I'm going for:  One of the oddest free-standing fireplaces I've ever seen.  Used as collectible storage. No too sure this a photo that would compell would-be buyers to visit the home.  The Ugg boots kind of sum it up for me.  Ugh...
Bait and Switch We all hate it.  Yet in so many different sales environments it still exists. Even in Real Estate.  Some of the worst: ·         Using pictures of different properties when advertising ·         Using flowery, praising prose in the description only to find out in person that the p...
What Kind of Music Can I Use on My Videos? Copyright infringement -- not something you want to learn about when you've received an invoice for a few thousand dollars because you've been caught using a popular song on one of your real estate videos. Just because you've downloaded a song for 99 cen...
Stretching the truth will get your reputation stretched.  Thin, that is. Sometimes real estate professionals get as much respect from the public as a snake oil salesman.  And sometimes they deserve it. Stretching the truth when advertising your listings doesn't serve anyone well.  It doesn't help...
My new favorite website of the day Okay – this one doesn’t have a direct tie to real estate – but it helps me in real estate and many other things in life. How many times have you wondered how to pronounce things – especially if it’s a foreign word or name? to the rescue!  At Forvo,...
Testimonials make me testy But only sometimes.  Personally, I like testimonials.  Whether I’m buying something sight unseen from Amazon, or hiring a plumber – honest testimonials from prior users or customers can help sway my purchasing decision. That’s one of the reasons I use testimonials from ...

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Richard Strahm's little corner of the Internet, dedicated to all things Real Estate and Montgomery County PA!