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I will be posting information intended to be helpful for home buyers, sellers, and investors. I will also post articles intended to be of benefit for other Real Estate Professionals. I will try to avoid articles on religion or politics, unless it has direct bearing on Real Estate matters, but I reserve the right to be thought-provoking, and even philosophical at times. (And even humorous, if I am feeling in the mood)
by Rich Schiffer, Weichert, RealtorsDirect Mail Marketing is a Big Business, and it creates a big impact in our lives -- Bigger than most people realize.  I am sure that Real Estate Professionals (myself included), when marketing the properties their clients are selling, are guilty of producing a...
After reading last weeks post, Regarding Today's Inman News Article, I was reminded of the parable of the Otter and the Scorpion.  You may have heard many versions of this, but here is how I remember it:A Scorpion was caught off-guard by the rising waters due to heavy rainfall, and scrambled onto...
If you are considering buying a home in Delaware County, PA, you should set aside the morning of October 13th to attend the DELAWARE COUNTY HOMEOWNERSHIP FAIRIt will be held SATURDAY, OCTOBER 13, 2007, from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM, at the First African Baptist Church, located at 901 Clifton Avenue, in...
by Rich Schiffer, Weichert RealtorsThere is a crisis in the real estate industry that is often overlooked, rarely talked about by the media, and largely unknown by the general populace:80% of all new real estate agents do not succeed in this business.  This is a crisis of catastrophic proportions...
by Rich Schiffer, Weichert Realtors   (this blog is submitted as a contest entry in the First ActiveRain -- Buyer Challenge )Ms. Hilton, Thanks for allowing me to assist you in locating your new home.  I enjoyed our conversation, and after reviewing my notes, I want to make sure I understand your...
by Rich Schiffer, Weichert, Realtors In a recent article, I discussed the situation in the Commercial market in the City of Chester, Delaware County, PA which is halfway between Philadelphia, PA and Wilmington, DE.Commercial Revitalization: "If you build it, they will come." Well it seems someone...
by Rich Schiffer, Weichert RealtorsMany real estate agents, rookie and seasoned veteran alike, (and the consumers that we serve) will at some point in their career be invited to hire a "coach" to help them get their business on the "right track."In the business world, coaches may have different t...
This is my first blog in a while -- I have been so busy, between clients, family, and prospects, recently, that I have neglected my readership.  I apologize to those of you who have been itching for another thought-provoking post...that said, without and further ado:Back in March, Active Rain had...
Many of you know that I am a military Veteran.  One of the greatest things I looked forward to was coming home on leave to visit the family.Did you know that our men and women who are serving our country sometimes have to pay more than you or I would for airfare home?There is a petition that you ...
By Rich Schiffer, Weichert Realtors In reading other blogs and articles, there seems to be a push in this industry to put out articles that are "lists":  Lists of Tips, Things to Do, Recommended Reading, etc.  I hesitate to add to this genre, since may of the ones I have seen lack real substance,...

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