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I'm not fond of "Big Government".  Nor am I a fan of "Excessive Government Oversight" of business.  Is oversight necessary?  Absolutely!  But in my opinion, laws that are made to protect "the public" usually swing so far to the other side that everyone is negatively affected, even those that are ...
Whether you agree with the short sale flipping method of buying and selling real estate or not, it has become a popular method of making money through short sales.    Short sale flipping is done where an agent or investor submits a contract with the seller - usually as an option contract.  The co...
In response to a recent comment to a post: I have had very bad luck finding classes that talk to agetns who don't want to list short sales but want to understand as the buyers rep.  The classes turn into  a ... starts with a b ... rhymes with Witch ... sessions about short sales or tell you thing...
In the East corner, the Listing Realtor with the fiduciary responsibility to the homeowner.  In the West corner, the Buyer's Realtor with the fiduciary responsibility to the buyer.  In the middle - the home owner! A play on words?  Maybe not. As short sales are our primary business, I read with g...
Here is yet another Bill being introduced by our Texas Legislature that will have a negative impact not only on the Homeowner but also the Honest investor trying to help them. SB354 in Texas Legislature threatens Preforeclosure Investing In an effort to curtail so-called "foreclosure consulting",...
So far, several banks including Citi and Bank United have posted statements of postponing foreclosures as a result of the Federal Government's request: A key member of Congress and a federal regulator encouraged financial institutions to suspend home foreclosures, as Washington's debate continued...
 NEW YORK, Feb 13, 2009 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Citi Group today issued the following statement in support of its commitment to a temporary owner-occupied mortgage foreclosure moratorium: "To reiterate the commitment made by Chief Executive Officer Vikram Pandit to the House Financial Services Committ...
Fannie Mae has announce its new program to assist with the problem of renters getting evicted when their rental property becomes foreclosed.  Fannie will be offering month-to-month leases or financial assistance to move to new housing.  These properties will be managed through REO Broker offices ...
Over the years I've participated in hundreds of short sales, whether I was conducting my own, teaming up with other agents or investors, or coaching a client through the process.  I rode the learning curve and made my share of mistakes for sure, some of which I'd like to share with you to help yo...

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