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First my disclosure:  I am not an attorney.  This is a Part 1 of 4 RE-Blogs from one of my consulting attorneys regarding a important subject on fiduciary responsibility for those of us who do short sales as a licensed agent. Jeff Watson, Attorney, jwatson@srecnow.comFIDUCIARY AND LEGAL RESPONSI...
The news has been abuzz in the past few weeks about the historic Robo-Signing Settlement reached between the government and five major lenders. The settlement raises lots of questions, but for homeowners who are in danger of losing their home there is only one: Can this settlement help me stay in...
    Does it feel like trust is one of the major casualties of the economic meltdown of 2008 – followed by the “Great Recession,” the “Jobless Recovery” and now the threat of a “Double Dip Recession? Weren’t we assured that home values were destined to go up and up and up? There have been lots of ...
  A short sale could fit the bill for a first-time homebuyer who has patience. In a short sale, the lender allows the home to be sold for less than the mortgage balance. As a result, prices often are affordable. On top of that, today's mortgage interest rates are low. But short sales are complex ...
Bank of America, the nation’s second-largest lender, is launching a pilot program this week that will offer a limited number of customers behind on their mortgages to transition from owner to renter. The bank, which was saddled with thousands of delinquent loans when it took over mortgage giant C...
In February 2009, the Government introduced the Making Home Affordable Program — a plan to stabilize the housing market and help struggling homeowners stay in their homes. One of the possible ways to help families stay in their homes is to modify mortgages to make them more affordable through a ...
  What is foreclosure?   Foreclosure involves a lawsuit in which a bank, a mortgage company, or other lien holder seeks to take an owner's property to satisfy a debt. The bank or lender may actually take ownership of the property or have the property sold to pay off the debt. As a result of the ...

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