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How An Experienced Real Estate Agent Can Get You More For Your Short Sale Home According to a report published in the Journal of Housing Research, homes listed by experienced real estate a gents sell for $25,000 dollars more, on average, than those listed by less experienced agents.    For real e...
Should I Short Sale Or Stay In My Home In An Improving Market?   There are times when tough questions deserve an honest answer.  A question homeowners like yourself are asking every day is, “Do I  short sale my home or stay and tough it out?”  Not an easy decision as there are many factors and th...
Fending Off Foreclosure   There has been much news over the past few years about the difficult times that homeowners have had as a result of the financial and housing collapse. Many homeowners lost their homes or financially collapsed under the weight of an unmanageable mortgage. These are homeow...
Underwater Homes Reach The Surface How Raising Prices Have Put More Homeowners On Solid Ground Because of the market crash, many homeowners found themselves “underwater,” with mortgages worth more than the value of their homes. The last five to six years showed littlelight at the end of tunnel, a...
Chances are, you bought your home thinking about your future. Whether this was the first home you ever bought or the last home you planned on buying, you had plans for it. It’s also likely that those plans did not include losing the home to foreclosure.Unfortunately, when the economy took a turn...
WHAT THE EXPIRING MORTGAGE DEBT RELIEF ACT MEANS FOR YOU!    The Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act was passed by Congress in 2007 in an attempt to provide some relief for the millions of homeowners who found themselves owing more on their mortgage than the property was worth as a result of the...
The Series on The Top Ten Short Sale Questions Asked By Houston & Spring TX Sellers Continues With Question #9: How Do I Short Sale My FHA Loan? Homeowners with loans insured by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) may be approved to participate in an FHA Short Sale as an alternative to forec...
The Series on The Top Ten Short Sale Questions Asked By Houston & Spring TX Sellers Continues With Question #8: What Is The Difference Between Foreclosure And A Short Sale?   How many times have you heard or been told a short sale is the same as a foreclosure?  Before you walk away from your dist...
Go Green: Save on paper, Save a tree.  But going green by going paperless isn't just about supporting our global ecosystem, its also about money and money saving time.  Its about being more efficient, more customer oriented and, well... more closings. Being a small office we were faced with a bus...
The Series on The Top Ten Short Sale Questions Asked By Houston & Spring TX Sellers Continues With Question #7: What is a HAFA Short Sale?   In February 2009, the Government introduced the Making Home Affordable Program (Click Here to learn more) — a plan to stabilize the housing market and help ...

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