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Rates Improve to 6 Week Lows! March 24th, 2015   Interest rates continued to improve last week and so far this week. Interest rates have improved 11 of the past 12 days and are currently at 6 week lows. The Mortgage Backed Security market closed up +96 bps last week and is trading up +43 bps this...
Rates Trend Lower before FED Announcement on Wednesday March 16th, 2015   Interest rates had a great week last week with the Mortgage Backed Security (MBS) market closing the week trading up + 79 bps. The market also closed up on Monday March 16th +19 bps. This was welcome news for interest rates...
Rates Move Higher with February’s Employment Report March 9th, 2015   Interest rates climbed rapidly on Friday with job creation numbers that beat their projections. On Friday alone, the Mortgage Backed Security (MBS) market traded down -77 bps and closed the week down -130 bps. Luckily, there wa...
RATES MOVE SLIGHTLY HIGHER AGAIN ; FED CHIEF TESTIFYING THIS WEEK Rates move slightly higher again ; FED Chief testifying this week February 23rd, 2015 Interest rates moved slightly higher last week for the 3rd week in a row. The Mortgage Backed Security Market (MBS) closed down – 40 bps for the ...
Rates Rise with January Employment Report February 11th, 2015   Interest rates have moved up about .125% in the past week – largely due to a mortgage backed security sell off on Friday after the January employment report was released.The strong job creation numbers had investors move their money ...
Rates Improve Again , Employment Report this Friday February 2nd, 2015   Interest rates improved by about .375 bps in costs at each rate last week. The Mortgage Backed Security market closed the week trading up + 70 bps, highlighted by Friday’s rate improvement of +46 bps.   Interest rates are cu...
Another Great Year in 2014 - $42,480,672 in Funded Volume. Thanks to my wife and family for supporting me, my processor Jolyn for always going to bat for me and my clients, and all my clients for allowing me to work on their loans. I hope 2015 is even better. 
Increased Volatility in Interest Rates , Big announcement on 1/22   January 21st, 2015   Interest rates have been very volatile with a flood of financial news hitting the markets.   The Mortgage Backed Security Market (MBS that has a large effect on interest rates) closed last week + 24 bps – but...
  Rates Continue Rapid Drop , 30 Year Fixed to 3.5%   January 14th, 2015   Interest rates continued their rapid decline with rate improvement 6 of the past 8 days.   30 Year Fixed rates are now at 3.5% paying 1 point and 3.625% paying 0 points. 15 year fixed rates are now at 2.875% paying .5 poin...

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