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Real estate tips and advice for home buyers, sellers, and homeowners on California's coast.
First, we are going to drive by our favorite houses and narrow down our list.  Then, we will select which houses we want to view with our REALTOR®.  Next, we will meet with our REALTOR® and bring our checkbook along, ready to make an offer.  Our REALTOR® will show us the inside of the houses we a...
By Regina P. BrownAppliances reveal a lot about a home.  Buyers may gauge the likeability of a house based on the brand, style, and finish of the appliances.  Yes we all know our buyers “Can always buy a nicer fridge after they move in.”  But they want to know what is in the house now.  Don’t let...
Remember, there are things about the home you can easily change, and other things that are difficult to change, or cannot be changed at all.  Try to overlook cosmetic things such as paint color, wallpaper, and carpeting.  Most homeowners will want to add their own touch by redecorating anyway.  L...
If you're planning to save money for your home purchase, watch out for the hidden money drains.  A huge drain on the budget is that “little” coffee habit.  If you spend $5 per day at Starbucks, did you know that is $1,825 per year?  Over 10 years, that adds up to $18,250.  Over the life of your 4...
Make it a habit to cultivate an attitude of thankfulness.  You cannot always change your situation, but you CAN change the way you view it.  If you take time to appreciate what you do have — your family, your friends and your opportunities — you’ll have a richer, more satisfying life.An attitude ...
By Regina P. BrownWhat’s the first thing a buyer sees when they drive up to view a home?  The exterior walls!  A home’s walls define the character of the home, and can lend to the curb appeal that adds value to a home.  Today’s topic is all about walls:  exterior, interior, and all sorts of other...
Considering earning your Bachelor's in Real Estate? I need a study buddy starting this month. You can live anywhere in the world because courses are all online. 5 week courses -- complete at your own pace at home. Yes they accept financial aid (scholarships, loans, & grants). Most importantly, yo...
Was there a dishwasher, refrigerator, washer or dryer, window coverings, light fixtures such as a chandelier, shed, workbench, or any other personal property?To keep track of what’s inside each home, write down which appliances are in the house, or any items of personal property that may be stayi...
The most important thing you will learn is that home buying is a PROCESS.  You’ll become familiar with the steps, the terms, the forms.  The more courses you participate in, the more confidence you will gain to take action.Learn about home ownership and the process of buying a houseTake an educat...
If you have 30 houses on your list, you should narrow it down to a handful that you really like.  Then you can easily make a decision to purchase one of your favorite “finalists”.Did you know that a “green” home may cut your utility bill in half?  When you think about the cost of water, electric,...

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