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Real estate tips and advice for home buyers, sellers, and homeowners on California's coast.
What is an appraisal and why is it important?  Facts you should know about appraisals. An appraisal is an opinion of the home's value. It is not “fair market value”. Your mortgage lender requires an appraisal and will approve your purchase based on the appraised value. The appraisal must be compl...
Would you believe that being BROKE can motivate you to work harder, generate more, serve better?  It can fuel your fire.  Daymond John from the Shark Tank (also Fubu clothing line) interviewed the world's top successful entrepreneurs and business owners who started from NOTHING and created someth...
Are you ready to be a real estate agent?  You passed the test, the exam, HOORAY!  Your contact list database is ready.  You got your marketing materials and business cards designed.  You even saved up capital funds to pay your startup costs.However, do you have the personality it takes?  That’s r...
Would you ever buy a used car without having your mechanic inspect it, test it, and check it out completely?  No, you would get it inspected by your trusted mechanic, because you want to ensure that your car is in good condition before you pay for it and drive it off the car lot.Well, your house ...
Almost all first home buyers will acquire a mortgage loan to help them purchase their new property.  A few first home buyers will purchase with all cash, and no mortgage financing.  But in high-cost areas like the California coast, it’s usually necessary to get a mortgage loan.Referral from your ...
What is a goal without steps to achieve it? That is not a goal -- it is a fantasy. Ready to turn your dreams into accomplishments during 2016? The secret to making BIG, ambitious goals become reality is to WRITE DOWN your goals. It is said that only 5% of people accomplish their life goals -- bec...
Education and knowledge are great, but they are worthless if you do not take action.  I have seen some prospective homebuyers who were afraid to take that next step to home ownership.  Maybe they were scared to step out of their comfort zone, or maybe they did not think they would qualify.  We ar...
Remember that your home is also an asset.  It’s real property which can appreciate (go up in value) and also depreciate (go down in value).However, you should not view your home as an investment.  In other words, if the value increases, do not, and I repeat DO NOT, refinance or get a HELOC loan t...
Photos at is literally the energy source that powers our homes.  Although we don’t need to put on “hard hats” to sell houses, we do need to understand electrical basics to serve our clients.  Our buyers ask questions we can answer. ...
One of the importance of home ownership is family stability.  You know you and your family will be living in one place for a long time.  If you have children in school, you know they are not going to have to change schools just because your landlord gave you a notice to move.  Children thrive whe...

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