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There has been flooding in Batesville, Arkansas. A friend of a friend sent me these photos of the area effected.       
I have been in a form of customer service for the past 12 years on my full time job. Currently I'm an Account Manager for a business that does nondestructive testing of aerial devices and I manage some of my company's nationwide customers. I have always been told "the customer is always right". W...
I really like the idea of blogging and I have definitely enjoyed reading other blogs. Lots of great opinions and ideas and "makes ya think" type information. However, I don't think I have enough experience or stories or questions for that matter to always blog about Real Estate or what's happenin...
I've always been a big believer in writing "Thank You" notes when people have went out of their way to do something nice for me. I love to get a note of thanks from friends and family. It justs shows appreciation and who doesn't like to feel appreciated. In one of my transactions, I represented b...
Yesterday, I unloaded a little frustration at our office sales meeting. I have been down about the market and my activity but trying hard to stay positive. I had also been down about the results I have seen from my efforts. Mail outs, virtual tours, open houses, building a website, and advertisin...
After 10 months as a Real Estate agent, I have finally taken the advice of my broker. Just kidding...I always do what he tells me :) I decided to put decals or stickers on my back glass to advertise my website and where I work. I was at first a little apprehensive because I LOVE my car...It's one...
What does privacy mean? One definition I found states: freedom from unauthorized intrusion - one's right to privacy.Recently, in a transaction that I was involved with I found this issue of privacy one of great importance and feel like a lesson to learn is in there somewhere. The selling agent fo...

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