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Do you own real estate if you own a fractional share of a private residence club? If I purchase a condo at The Mountainside Club, do I own real estate? Yes. Ownership is evidenced by a real estate deed, which is recorded and guaranteed by a title insurance policy. Each owner is conveyed a 1/8 und...
The Smarter Way to Own A Luxury Vacation Home Private Residence Clubs are the fastest growing segment of the luxury home market and some experts think it will continue to out-pace traditional ownership. Mountainside Club is modeled after the management company's other successful Residence Clubs ...
Rowena's Real Estate Tip: Imagine Owning Your Own 5-Star Hotel Vacation Home! 6/15/2011 | Asheville, NC - What do you LOVE about going on vacation and staying in a five-star hotel?  Top quality amenities?  The luxury stay? No clean up?  Surrounding attractions?  What if I told you that there is ...

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