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It's Mookie from the KPRi Afternoon Show, inviting you for brunch and live music at On The Border in Mission Valley this Sunday, September 6th from 11:30am - 1:30pm. If you can join us, you'll have a chance to win tickets to The Who, Mark Knopfler, Death Cab for Cutie, LEGOLAND California Resort,...
Last Week in Review       "Swing high. Swing low. Swing to and fro." The Ink Spots. Like a child on a tire swing, recent economic headlines have seen ups and downs.On the upward swing, Gross Domestic Product (GDP) surged in the second quarter of 2015. GDP, which is the value of all finished good...
 Over the past week, mortgage rates were pushed and pulled by unusually large movements in global stock markets. The economic data had little impact. After a volatile week, mortgage rates ended just a little higher. Concerns about slowing global economic growth, particularly in China, caused the ...
The Fed Minutes released on Wednesday had a positive impact on mortgage rates. In addition, concerns about the pace of global economic growth reduced inflation expectations, which also was favorable for mortgage rates. As a result, mortgage rates ended lower. 
Getting married, owning a home, and starting a family is the American dream right? Well, for some, owning a home will continue to be just a dream as the US homeownership rate is the lowest it’s been since 1967. According to data from the Department of Commerce’s Census Bureau, the US homeownershi...
Stay Safe When Living in a Condo August 14, 2015 For most people, choosing the right living space is a big deal. There are a number of different living spaces out there and the one that you choose should be based solely on the wants you have. Image credit: Life-of-Pix via One of the ...
While you'd like to get the best price for your home, consider our six reasons to reduce your home price. Home not selling? That could happen for a number of reasons you can't control, like a unique home layout or having one of the few homes in the neighborhood without a garage. There is one fact...
Wouldn’t it be nice to approach your home’s entrance with a grin instead of a grimace? Take our tips for beating a clear, safe, and stylish path to your front door. First impressions count — not just for your friends, relatives, and the UPS guy, but for yourself. Whether it’s on an urban stoop or...
Do you ever wonder why your mortgage statements sometimes come from different companies? There’s a reason for that, and it’s called the secondary mortgage market.  The process of applying for and maintaining payments on a mortgage can be complex — primarily because of what happens behind the scen...
During the past week, comments from a Fed official increased investor expectations for a Fed rate hike this year, causing mortgage rates to move a little higher. The week's economic data was mostly right on target and had little net effect.  On Tuesday, Fed member Dennis Lockhart gave investors t...

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