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My blogs will contain short articles on risk management, ethics, data base management, buyer and seller agencies, technology, advertising & marketing, and personal anecodotes. I welcome your insights about ways to improve client services and to "work smarter, not harder." By sharing some of the challenges that I have encountered in the real estate field, I hope to help newer agents to avoid these same pitfalls.
Learning curves can be steep or gradual.  Yet, once we attain a certain level or achieve a certain goal, it is important to raise the bar again and focus on the next higher level.  When I am in a doctor's office, the first thing I do is look at the diplomas and certifications hanging on the walls...
At first, when my husband began to grumble about cashiers in our local supermarket forgetting to say "thank you," I dismissed it as the exception to the rule.  Then, when it happened to me repeatedly at the supermarket, department store, pharmacy, and other places of business, I began to see that...
Regardless of the purchase price of the home or the age of the new owners, it is always such a joy to see the beaming smiles across from the settlement table when the keys are handed over.  This is the very moment when the countless telephone calls, e-mails, FAXES, and visits that I have made on ...
Sprucing up a home prior to placing it on the market is nothing new.  Sellers want to create a favorable initial impression when prospective buyers come through their home. What this means is that the lawn needs to be mown, the shrubs trimmed, and the shutters painted. A well manicured property c...
I've just come from an office meeting where the company Internet Marketing Coordinator introdcued us to the concept of eCards.  Fortunately, our company has great resources to help its agents navigate through the process of mailing theme-oriented electronic cards to customers and clients.  I am a...
This afternoon I received my first relocation assignment from our company headquarters.  Although I  passed the required relocation test and served as a Buyer's Agent in two previous relocation transaction, I would like some advice from the pros, please. I did contact the family to introduce myse...
Tick! Tock! The Clock is simply the vehicle by which we measure the passing of time.   As REALTORS®, we all wish we had more time!  We all wish we had time to spend with families and loved ones.  Would it be fair to suggest that how we spend our time, work and leisure, defines us as human beings?...
Have you ever encountered a hostile colleague or inconsideratel company representative who is prone to bullying? Have you ever had your earnest desire to protect and promote your client's interests be sabotaged by individuals with dubious intentions?  Not long ago I found myself in a situation wh...
 Am I alone in not having a firm handle oFn the tradition of giving gifts to buyers at settlement?  Some of my colleagues wait until the folkks are settled in and make a "house call" with a bouquet of flowers or some tasty treats. In the beginning of my career, I tended to go overboard on settlem...
Today I had lots of fun attending a new-home warranty orientation.  After a host of "oohs and aahs" about the gorgeous Brazilian cherry hardwood floors and the palatial whirlpool tub in the master bathroom, I had the good fortune to learn some tidbits about the mechanical equipment in the basemen...

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