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My blogs will contain short articles on risk management, ethics, data base management, buyer and seller agencies, technology, advertising & marketing, and personal anecodotes. I welcome your insights about ways to improve client services and to "work smarter, not harder." By sharing some of the challenges that I have encountered in the real estate field, I hope to help newer agents to avoid these same pitfalls.
Recently a first-time home buyer asked me to recommend an optimal deadline for taking advantage of the extended tax credit.  Although April 30, 2010, the deadline for both first-time and repeat home buyers to have an executed sales contract in place, this gentleman's question was very timely. Pau...
After four months of waiting, planning, and negotiating, the "Jones" family finally had their new home orientation today.  It was truly a joyful experience!  With all the deliberations and selections made, Mr. and Mrs. Jones learned about every single piece of mechanical equipment, examined the w...
Ever dream of a savory lobster prepared with superb delicacy?  Looking for a restaurant where the bill of fare is prepared entirely from fresh food?  Contemplating a special dinner to celebrate a special occasion in style?If y ou live within an hour's drive from East Berlin, PA, your search is ov...
Recently, I had a well qualified buyer with a great job, no debts, solid savings, and no credit history.   This very responsible, hard-working individual had paid off her school loans and car.  All that sounds fantastic, doesn't it?  Yet, my buyer client encountered difficulty in obtaining an FHA...
The amazing invention of social networking via the Internet has revolutionized communication.  We can enter instantly into the world and lifestyle of just about anyone who's willing to post images and blogs detailing daily activities.  Yet, what about the "old-fashioned" way of sending warm wishe...
What's Your Home Worth?  Actually, all homes may have two prices: 1) the price owners would like to get 2) the value buyers would like to offer in the purchase sales agreement.  Pricing a home to sell rapidly at the best price, terms and conditions requires skill and due diligence. The market can...
With the information explosion, buyers can readily gain access to a host of information on a variety real estate topics. Sometimes the wealth of information can be overwhelming or, in some cases, misleading.  It is important to differentiate between educating buyers and disseminating information....
Effective July 30. 2009, the Federal Reserve Board Truth in Lending Regulations have become more stringent.  The new requirements apply to all mortgages secured by a borrower's home, including primary and second homes and refinancings.  Investor loans continue to be exempt. Here are key highlight...
  With a twist on the proverbial Aesop fable of the race between the turtle and the hare, I'd like to reflect on why I identify more with the turtle.  It's not always about winning the race. Sometimes staying calm and deflecting the arrows of angst and frustration are necessary for survival. As a...
And that's just the beginning ... Consultwith you to clarify your needs, expectations, and priorities Research and preparea Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) Presentrisk management strategies (home warranty, deed review, title search, pre-inspection) Identify competitor listings within a ten-mile...

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