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I recently spoke before another HOA group who was interested in becoming a group so they could negotiate a better lease for their minerals.  I definitely support their idea about joining forces. There is power in numbers, especially in the Number of Acres you can offer to a company.However, there...
I have looked at many leases for friends and associates in the last few weeks.  It seems everyone is getting lease offers in the mail in the Tarrant and Dallas county areas.  This Barnett Shale activity is really heating up and the amount of urban leasing is reaching levels never seen before in t...
Well, it isn't just HOA and Neighborhood Groups that are getting together to negotiate mineral leases.  It was just announced that the Downtown Business District is trying to get all of its members together to negotiate for the mineral rights as one group.  The Central Business District comprises...
I have written several blogs about the fact that the mineral estate, that's the nasty oil and gas, is separate from the surface estate (the buildings and the land).  Not everyone sems to be aware of this but it can be very important, if you know what you are doing.I am going to use a real life ex...
A lot of people are into RE investment.  Even I have some invested money in Real Estate.The one thing I am always looking for is a better Return-On-Investment (ROI), or Cash-on-Cash if you prefer.  All that means is that I want to make a little more money from my money.  A Bigger Return on My Inv...
Well, there has really been a flurry of activity with mineral leasing in the Barnett Shale area.These leasing companies are coming into a neighborhood, going door-to-door and waving a few hundred dollars under the homeowners nose (along with a lease) and telling them that this is a once in a life...
Recently had a client, of another agent, call to see if I could give him some information about oil and gas issues.  Since some newspaper articles have been out about my backgroundin the energy industry I have been called upon by several different firms for energy issues.Well, this guy was having...
We have had amazing turn of events here with the leasing going on for the Barnett Shale.Most of the past leasing in subdivisions has been paying the homeowners about $1500 per acre.  And with about 5 lots per acre they have been getting about $300 per lot for an upfront bonus.  On top of that, mo...
Well, the leasing goes on.  While people who already have leases and active wells are having trouble getting their checks (see past postings), the feeding frenzy for acquiring leases is getting stronger and stronger.  I have been giving free talks to homeowner associations about the Barnett Shale...
Well, we have had some recent surprising problems crop up regarding oil and gas income. As I have mentioned before, a lot of urban homeowners here in the Fort Worth area have the mineral rights to their property.  Many have had oil companies come in and give them leases and wells have been drille...

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