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The 15th annual Museum District Day will be held on Saturday 9/17/2011 from 10AM to 5PM. This annual event allows everyone to go to 17 different museums free of charge.  You can catch the free shuttle at any of the participating museums and ride to another museum location to explore these museum...
Last night, my wife and I watched several shows about the 9/11 anniversary.  Anniversary sounds too celebratory...it's more like marking the passing of the Pearl Harbor Day but anyway, I am getting off track...   We watched a show last night called Messages from 9/11 in BIO.  There was one show ...
Today marks the 10th year since the attacks on the World Trade Centers on 9.11.01.   We've been watching all sorts of programs that have to do with the survivors, the rescuers, remembering the lost, even some about connecting with those that were killed in the attack.   Some of the details I'm h...
We live in a world that is governed by contracts.  They are designed to protect the parties involved and MOST of the time, they work as intended. One of those contracts is the LISTING AGREEMENT.  When you decided to sell your home, you signed a LISTING AGREEMENT with the agent you chose to hire....
School is back in session!Well, actually it's been in session for three weeks now! Here's a little reminder to Katy ISD students (parents can listen too if you like)! It is up to you, as the student, especially those in Junior High and High School to keep up with your papers.  Not just what you ...
Home sales in Cypress Texas in August    206 homes were sold in Cypress Texas in August 2011!  Prices ranged from right at $50,000 up to $1.6M! As with Katy, the home for $1.6M was the only home above the $1M mark with the next highest priced home sold in August in Cypress was $800,000!   With t...
What a month August was for home sales in Katy Texas!   388 homes were sold...ranging in value from $54, 000 to $1,365,000!  What a price spread!Now, to be fair, the $1,365,000 was the only home closed in August in Katy to cross the $1M mark, but even with considering all the lower priced forecl...
Today, the US Post Office has said they are in trouble of defaulting on a payment that they are required to make.  It COULD potentially lead them to "shut down" for the winter, as they are saying.   The post office is in intriguing because I don't know of any other businesses that can operate at...
September 5th, 2011.  Labor Day 2011!The official end of summer as it's known. Last night I took my daughter to the pool for a swim as the community pools will be closing after today.   The day had been overcast and the weather was under triple digits finally...there was a wind blowing in as tro...
Here we are celebrating LABOR Day 2011!It's a time to "take a day off" and relax, enjoy the end of summer, the return to school, the return of college and pro football, barbque and eat with family and friends.It also comes at a time as a nation we are reminded of tragedy from 10 years ago...has ...

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