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Many times I meet with people who want to sell their homes and everyone has an opinion about how to do that.  One of the top things that comes up is the subject of Open Houses.  The house selling public generally has ONE view of open houses, the house buying public has a view of them and the prof...
I had an agent the other day tell me that his iPhone wouldn't allow her to have more than one email account on it. I beg to differ!  Here's how and it's EASY and NON-TECHNICAL!   1. Go to your iPhone and confirm that it's an iPhone...(you may have to ask a friend to confirm it or call AT&T and as...
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How can I find a short sale agent in Katy and Cypress Texas?   Short sales are a big part of the real estate world right now. It's the hot buzzword of the day around real estate offices. But, not every agent who tries to conduct a short sale is really able to do so. The law doesn't require a spe...
It seems this is a natural evolution of the information age..."MISINFORMATION".  Even those who do not have a "common" name can be caught up in this mistaken identity stuff! I wish Carolyn Capalbo much luck in overcoming this unfair obstacle. Carolyn Capalbo Is A REALTOR In Northern Virginia That...
I took a call from a guy at the end of the month a while back who was very interested in hiring me to do a short sale for him.  I've done a lot of short sales and while sometimes I keep wondering WHY I do short sales (the aggrivation and work is unbelieveable sometimes!), I decided to take on th...
We were eating at Red Robin in Katy a few days ago (and might I say it was a delicious burger and unlimited fries!) and my daughter, who just recently turned 4, was so excited to see Lady Liberty.     I don't think she realizes how big the REAL Lady Liberty is but she had fun none the less!  
What REALLY  sells a house? When you hire a real estate agent to sell your home, you are hiring a marketing professional.  Yes, it is true we are trained and take classes in many different subjects dealing from the obscure to the very important, but ultimately, when you hire an agent, you are sa...
Automated property valuation service Zillow has been named as a plaintiff  defendant (corrected) in a suit by First American CORELOGIC who claims to own the patent on formulas used to do property valuations.  Seven other companies were also named in the suit, with Zillow being the name most cons...
The tax credit that has motivated first time home buyers and move up buyers alike will expire at the end of the month for most.  If you are under contract by the end of April, you can still qualify (provided you otherwise qualify and close by June 30th). However, if you are member of the armed f...

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