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How can I find a short sale agent in Katy and Cypress Texas? Short sales are a big part of the real estate world right now. It's the hot buzzword of the day around real estate offices. But, not every agent who tries to conduct a short sale is really able to do so. The law doesn't require a speci...
This post is amazing in it's perspective.  A true look at a shift in thought patterns of the Amercian public between 1930 and 2009.  I am re-blogging this for those that do not get a chance to see Janet's original post.  Thank you for your very well written thoughts, Janet. When did we start to f...
Have you ever wondered why it takes up to 60 days to get removed from an email mailing list yet when you sign up for something it appears in your inbox instantaneously? Have you ever wondered why your printer says "OUT OF INK" but when you take the cartridge out and shake it, it sure sounds a lo...
I got a call over the weekend from an agent that ripped my rear about not returning a call. Seems he called me a week or so ago and asked a question about a short sale property that I have. This property shows about 4 or 5 times a day, btw. I remember his message. So he calls me and tells me tha...
Dewberry Farm opened again on September 26th for their 8th season! Dewberry Farm is located just west of Katy, north of I-10 on HWY 362 and our family goes every year.  We have been going here for about 3 years but it just keeps getting better and better every year! Prices are reasonable-- kids o...

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