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So I'm probably like a lot of guys out there that wait until the holiday is almost over to really get it going.    I don't know what happened...I used to be a lot more romantic and did a lot more planning but 7 years into marriage and kids and job and stress and bills and....well, you get the pic...
This says it about as good as anyone can at this point.  The economy is driven by housing and yet our lawmakers did everything they are supposed to except LISTEN. Thanks for posting Mirela...  Minutes ago an agreement was announced on a $790 Billion stimulus plan.  Unfortunately, the $15,000 Home...
I'm not normally a very politically outspoken guy.  I have my own beliefs but understand that I am a business owner and do not want to offend people that might otherwise do business with me.  Religion and Politics are very devisive in our society and are usually best left alone in the business wo...
This beautiful Mid-rise Condo is located right in the heart of everything going on downtown!  It's the ideal situation for someone who wants to have and active lifestyle downtown (Convention Center, Theater, Astros Baseball) and it's about $40,000 under the lowest priced unit in the building (40 ...
I've never really seen this blogged about before.  I know it's not a unique line of thought but it is something that comes up from time to time. Should agents attend inspections with buyers? Here are some thoughts on the Inspection process: 1. The inspection is for the buyer to understand the con...
Here is the freebee you've been waiting for...ok, maybe not really, but you can get a free Denny's Grand Slam Breakfast on Tuesday 2/3/09 from 6am to 2pm ! I know of two Denny's in Katy: One by Katy Mills Mall just off of I-10 and one over near Seven Meadows off of Fry and HWY 99.   I'm sure I'll...
Twitter... I've heard about that.  What did I know about it?  Not much.  What did I THINK I knew about it?  Everything.  Actually, the answer was closer to NOT MUCH than Everything.  I've now spent 4 days on Twitter (give or take an hour or two!).  I have followed 173 people (some of whom I have ...
Short Sales in Katy Texas... A short sale is when the bank or lender holding the note on a home allows the seller, who has gotten behind on their payments, to sell their house for less than they owe on the note.   Not all banks or lenders will participate in a short sale and certainly not ever re...

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