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Its official:  The sub-prime mortgage meltdown has made it to prime time. Last night on Boston Legal, my favorite TV lawyer took the case of a borrower, facing foreclosure,  and negotiated a new deal with the bank.  This was entertainment pure and simple, but the point was made that borrowers and...
This is the last of three posts I'm writing today inspired by Brian Larson  Ive been bugged for a long time by agents that complain about the money they have lost and the time they have wasted when a transaction that seemed to be m...
This is the second of three posts I'm writing today inspired by Brian Larson his post Brian suggested that a buyer's agent brings three very valuable skills to a transaction,  Location advice, negotiation advice and closing facil...
This is the first of three posts inspired by Brian Larson's post...The Uninteresting Tale of Salesman Steve?   In his post Brian does an excellent job outlining what a buyer's agent brings (or should bring)  to a real estate transaction. Secifically:Value the broker brings to the buyer: I think a...
I'm new to active rain and this is just my second post. I've spent my time here reading the work of others and commenting on it, and learning the unwritten "rules" of the active rain community. One thing I've noticed is that one shouldn't say anything negative in the comments to another's post; e...
This post is my first post to Active Rain. It is prompted by a featured post The subject of that post is How to dress for success in real estate. The question in that post was:  how to dress for the photo in an Active Rain profile to make ...

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