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Helpful information about Orange County Apartment Buildings, Searching Apartment Buildings in Orange County and Los Angeles County Cailfornia.
  I specialize in Selling Multi Family Properties in South Florida and Residential so what I look for in a CRMmust be able to track thousands of Property Owners and be able to find certain ones as well.Ultimately I keep coming back to OnePageCrm for the following reasons. 1. Price 12 bucs yet has...
Monster, Huge Update 8-23-18Just had office meeting where the data provider Remine said they would be using Contactually as there add on CRMthis is huge....... Crm and Data together is the Holy Grail of Real Estate Crms and does not exist...........Needless to say Contactually despite it's faults...
  Enviable Weather – A tropical paradise with an average yearly temperature of 76F 25C & an average winter temperature of 66F/19C. Don't forget the over 3,000 hours of sunshine each year.   Beautiful Beaches – Broward County has 23 miles of Atlantic Ocean coastline and 300 miles of navigable wate...
( Update 2018) Note this crm may be great for many I am currently using One Page Crm which I pay for myself and Contactually which is broker provided, review here  Contactually Real Estate Crm Review  for review of ONEPAGECRM    One Page Crm Review  Top 10 things I look for in a REAL ESTATE CRM 1...
Update 2018 I had to incorporate a CRM into my bus in addittion to Gsuite Review of One Page Crm  OnePageCrm review In last 6 months I left my Office 365 Exchange account looking to find a great Google/ Android Crmwhat I found after trying them all is they all lack something.Most do not allow me ...
2018 Update... Finally bit the bullet and now my business revolves around My Crm and Evernote  in addition to Gsuite Skype also for click to dial  with Data coming to Contactually......... may be the ultimate marriage Edit to Below starting this month Oct 2016 I did find a Crm I like!OnePageCrm a...
I used Fiverr for the first time! I decided to update my website, I sell Apartment Buildings in Orange County California and Long Beach California and wanted my website to reflect new services for my clients.Here is the page I had a Fiverr design guy make for 15 bucs. I am happy with the result. ...
Orange County California Apartment Buildings-Unlisted Inventory and the Urgent Need Letter          Often in my career I have not been able to find that certain Apartment Building for sale in Orange County California that my investor needed. The same thing has happened for my clients looking for ...
                        Orange County Apartment Buildings vs Single Family Homes.  Orange County Buildings currently have low cap rates, and therefore higher purchase prices compared to much of the country. However the benefits to purchasing Multi-Family Property vs Single Family are compelling. ...

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