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Alexandria, Pineville, and all of Rapides Parish, Grant Parish, Avoyelles Parish, and central Louisiana area, REALTOR® - comments, listings, central Louisiana market statistics
I belong to several real estate groups on social media.  We are all seeing a seller's market, meaning available homes are low in supply.  Multiple offers are resulting in sellers getting at or above asking price when homes are in good condition, location, and priced well.Some sellers who know thi...
If you are a REALTOR® anywhere, you've probably noticed that business has slowed down.  If your company does not provide you with monthly market stats, you may be wondering what is happening. If you are a seller, your property may not be showing as often as it did when you first put it on the mar...
Your house did not get shown to my buyer this weekend.  Why not? Quite simply, we did not know you wanted to sell your house.  The buyer was here on a house-hunting trip for a day and a half only.  He came in with a list of houses he wanted to view.  He did not find yours on line, and I did not f...
I want to sell my house.  Does it really matter who I get to list it?  Is there a difference in agents?  What do all those initials behind some of the agents' names mean?  Should I interview more than one? It matters who lists your house, because that agent is your marketing agent.  Ask the agent...
For quite some time, our company's founders have predicted a market shift to a seller's market.  We are currently comparing our local market stats in terms of available listings to that of this time last year.  We have 18% fewer listings; quite a reduction.  In speaking with other agents in other...
Real estate agents are not employees of the firm with which they are affiliated for the most part.  That means they do not receive a salary, but are dependent upon sales commissions to pay their bills.You might think that would mean your agent is more interested in what he/she is going to be paid...
I am seeing an increasing number of calls, emails, and social media posts from people seeking rent to own situations.  I understand that home ownership is the desired goal,  and these situations sound promising for people with credit challenges.  Let's take a closer look at what this actually mea...
Should I try for sale by owner, or as someone asked me, "Don't you think that is best?" More than 60% of lawsuits involving real estate transactions involve for sale by owners. Why would you think that would be? There are several reasons I can think of. 1) No property condition disclosures; 2) No...
TRID-RESPA takes effect October 3. In a class yesterday, we learned that if a buyer is not full-document conditionally pre-approved before entering into contract, then expect delays. This means that the buyer has furnished all required financial documentation to the lender AND it has been verifie...
Why, you may ask, are you going to fire your REALTOR?  "We looked and looked for a house because, you know, we are picky.  We finally found one, put in an offer, and didn't get it.  We just know it was our REALTOR's fault for not trying hard enough to get us that house!" Whoa!  Hold it! Stop!  Wa...

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