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From all accounts in the media, the level of foreclosures is rising and, in some circles, it is expected to get worse.  As a real estate investor, I'd like to share my observations from my property searches over the past few months.  First, let me continue my theme that I'm seeing more and more d...
With the creidt market tightening over the past few months, I'm finding it harder and harder to find re-fi's for the 10+ property investor.  I've done primarily stated income/stated asset re-fi's and I've seen a very noticeable change in the number of lenders servicing this area.I'd like to hear ...
Over the past few months, and most noticeably starting in November, I've found more and more good deals showing up on MLS.  It seems like the banks have finally started to deal with their excess inventory.  When I say a "good deal" I mean 60% LTV.  I see MLS listings everyday and I think we're se...

Robert Martinez

Gwinnett County Real Estate Investor
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