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  Las Vegas Real Estate Agents – Getting Them to Cooperate   Here is a major myth within the Las Vegas real estate market – it is the listed home that is in competition with other homes – the listing agent ought not be in competition with other agents.   In fact …   When I list a home I do not vi...
  Shoot yourself in the foot once, shame on you … shoot yourself in the foot twice, well, that’s just insane.   The Las Vegas real estate market has bounded upwards for more than a year now – up close to 30% overall, with very low inventory to boot.  The theories running around the Las Vegas real...
  Had a short sale?  Ready to work yourself into a low interest mortgage?   In spring 2011, 2 months after doing a Bank of America short sale, a client bought a home here in the Las Vegas real estate market using a portfolio mortgage (see my special program for buying right after a short sale or ...
Quick Home Closing in Las Vegas “So”, my client said, “we just sold our home, have nowhere to live and need a quick home closing in Las Vegas.”   My response?  “No Problem.”   In a market where some Las Vegas listings are getting 50 to 100 competitive offers, my client closed today and only paid ...
Videos, Blogs and Articles  on how to Negotiate To Close in Las Vegas Real Estate. Rob Flitton is a top Las Vegas REALTOR and a world-class, published negotiation expert – he knows how to negotiate to close in Las Vegas real estate.  To sell your home in Las Vegas or to buy a Las Vegas home, you ...
702-489-2382 - Keller Williams - - Las Vegas REALTOR ® - Las Vegas Short Sale Successfully Negotiated with Bank of America & Wells Fargo --~~--> The stellar and dynamic team at SMART VEGAS REAL ESTATE has just negotiated a highly successful...
702-489-2382 - - Las Vegas REALTOR ® - Go Do Something Else … Please A good buyer’s agent spends significant time getting to know his clients and what they will or will not like.  Too often, well-meaning sellers want to linger nearby and point out ...
702-489-2382 - - Las Vegas REALTOR ® - Credentials, Experience & Ability Real Estate is a transitional or part-time business for some agents … not for us. Our team has nearly thirty years of experience, has been involved in more than $150 million w...

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