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Rob Flitton "The Closer" proudly presents:  How to Evaluate Rental Property Investments in the Las Vegas Real Estate Market!          ... CLICK HERE FOR BRIEF VIDEO ►     … OR CALL ROB FLITTON ANY TIME AT 702-496-7260 PLEASE CONSIDER USING ME AS YOUR AG...
When I was a tadpole in the real estate business in the early 1980s, I peppered my mentor with questions about real estate market theories – those theories are very relevant today in the Las Vegas real estate market. When a market is buoyant it is like a pond – the water is deeper (more reliable...
I had a thought today about the Las Vegas real estate market.  At times, we can be so close to something that we cannot see it for what it is – if you were standing in Godzilla’s footprint would you know it? *SEE ORIGINALBLOG POST HERE This is a metaphor for the many odd and conflicting commentar...
Can the Las Vegas real estate market BE purged?  Is SB 321the answer? “A free market without bankruptcy is like religion without hell.” CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO VERSION CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE TO ROB'S BLOG It is bad medicine to have government intervene in markets, in my opinion, and the latest Neva...
Were You Affected by the Las Vegas real estate market crash?  What it did to my perspective … I learned: When everyone is planting wheat, grow corn. SEE THIS ORIGINAL ARTICLE HERE. FREE > LAS VEGAS REAL ESTATE MARKET REPORT. I have been involved in the real estate industry since the late 1970s –...
How does the phrase “Timing, Timing, Timing” relate to the Las Vegas Real Estate Market? SEE THE ORIGINAL BLOG POST HERESUBSCRIBE TO ROB FLITTON'S BLOG & LAS VEGAS REAL ESTATE NEWS HERE   The most over-used and over-rated phrase in Las Vegas real estate is “location, location, location.”  Locati...
Here is a checklist for someone who may not be quite ready to buy a Las Vegas home, but who wants to become ready. (CLICK HERE FOR THE ORIGINAL BLOG POST) This applies to both first-time buyers and buyers left out of the market for the last few years due to a foreclosure or short sale.  Low value...
  See my brief YOUTUBE video: Interested in referring a Las Vegas buyer or seller to me?  I pay more!  CLICK HERE. CLICK HERE to SUBSCRIBE to my BLOG. The characteristics of a top REALTOR in Las Vegas: I - Someone who understands money and profit - a goo...
  Everything can’t be 5 cents, but retaining a top REALTOR® in Las Vegas is almost always free. There really is no reason to search for a Las Vegas home purchase without a REALTOR®.  Why?  Because sellers almost always pay the full cost of real estate commissions and it is easy to fire or replace...
See the original blogpost:   SUBSCRIBE TO ROB FLITTON "THE CLOSER'S" BLOG →   That is a good question: "Is the Las Vegas Real Estate Market Now Overpriced?" No. But what decides the matter?  It...

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