Because the present Realtor® Brand of Real Estate Transactions fits the tradfitional PRE-Uber taxi model to a ""T", complete with bloated License fees, it only makes sense that the Uber business model will replace it using the "mere posting" listing option in place of uber's ride sharing app.Oh I...
Sale Trials of programs that replace Realtor® Brand Agents have already been done, with results so frightening to the Realtor® Brand Establishment, that rules were established to make too difficult and expensive for Realtor® brand agents to go forward with 21st century vertical and global marketi...
For everyone who wants to:Make money from homeOwn and operate your own FREE Licensed Real Estate CompanyBe FREE from Realtor® brand Fees, Fines and Financial Interferance Discover how to list your customers on the MLS for less and how to "hack" or change EVERY Present Realtor® brand from a Realto...
How to sell your home yourself.Say, like everything else, it's easy when you know how. 
 Tired of the same-O, same-O real estate investment advice that lost you a lot of money the last time? Looking for some different ideas?How about real estate investing in houseboats, BIG RIG parking lots, RV parks, Bare Land Condo Act homes, Co-OP housing for a different way to protect your cash ...
Last June Redfin received $500M of investors money and the latest November 2016 reports praise Redfin for it's listing and agent innovations and how Redfin, like Trulia and Zillow, is also running at a loss.Excuse me, but $500 MILLION? ..and you guys are LOSING MONEY?How is this possible?Perhaps ...
   Some time ago one of the properties I managed was faced with a special levy payment of $10,000 each owner.About half of the owners could write ouy a check, however for the other half of owners, 10K was a crippling cost, and to make things very bad, all the time the work was being done, which w...

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