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Utah County Homes for Sale and Foreclosure Properties   Distressed sales are a sad fact of the Real Estate market. While no one wants to see a homeowner lose their home, these properties also present unique opportunities for buyers. To determine whether you are a candidate for such a purchase, it...
Utah County Real Estate and Closing Costs Closing on a property is a very challenging time for a would-be homeowner. Being informed, either through your mortgage broker, Realtor, or through self-knowledge is the best thing you can be when going through this procedure. A good Realtor can help you ...
Utah County Real Estate and Improving Your Credit Score Generally speaking the number one criterion a Mortgage lender considers when qualifying a Home Buyer for a mortgage loan is a good Credit Score. The higher Credit Score, usually the lower the Interest Rate. Other factors are obviously consid...
Utah County Real Estate Pricing Factors There are many factors to consider when you are trying to determine what price to offer for a new home. Gathering and analyzing information form comparable sales helps to establish the range of prices you should consider. More weight should be given to the ...
Utah County Real Estate and Home Owner Insurance Proof of a paid homeowner’s insurance policy is required at closing, so arrangements will have to be made before then. It is important to get an insurance agent involved early in the home buying process he can help you save money. Insurance agents ...
Park City Real Estate and who pays for Closing Costs There have been times in the past that I have had clients come to closing not understanding what kind of money they would be required to pay. There are various fees associated with buying and selling a home. These fees are called closing costs....
Utah County Real Estate and the Short Sale With the present Real Estate market in turmoil and many home owners are having a hard time trying to sell their home, because they owe more than it is worth. I keep getting the question from my buyers about what is a Short Sale and how does it work? Well...
Utah County Real Estate and your Mortgage down Payment How do you know which type of mortgage product is best for you? There is no simple answer to this question? The right type of mortgage for you depends on many different factors: Your current financial situation How much you expect your financ...
Utah County Real Estate Loan Origination and Discount Points Origination points are a fee paid to the originating lender which is part of the profit margin for the services that they provide. Both are measured as a percentage of the loan amount and both are factored into the loans APR. Generally,...
Utah County Real Estate and taking possession of your new Home. The Real Estate transaction is considered “closed” once the deeds have been recorded with the County. You then own the home. However, it is not always possible for you to occupy it immediately. It is customary to allow the seller up ...

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