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The marketplace is vast and you need a pro with real digital expertise to break through the noise and help grow your business.Use my 8-Step Content Marketing System to drive traffic, engagement, and prospects.See More [R. Michael Brown Consulting]#contentmarketing #business #engagement #marketing...
I’m a marketing pro on a mission to become an authority on Artificial Intelligence (AI) so I can use the tech to help clients with faster and improved marketing and business – with better results.This technology is having a profound impact on the real estate industry today.I’m looking forward to ...
Email newsletters are an important step in your 8-Step Content Marketing System for selling real estate.R. Michael Brown is a Constant Contact Partner so he can help you get started. See More [R. Michael Brown Marketing News]
Business is getting tight! Here are the top 5 marketing and communications moves that your company should make for the rest of 2023 into 2024 to crush your competition during this slowdown.#InfluencerMarketing#VoiceSearch#Personalization#VideoMarketing#AISee More [R. Michael Brown Consulting]#mar...
1. Your brand's story should be authentic and truthful, reflecting the values and beliefs of your company.2. Understand your target audience and tailor your story to resonate with them.3. Your brand story should be emotionally engaging, evoking feelings that connect with your audience on a person...
Follow the 8-steps to increase your sales with our Content Marketing System.🤷🏻‍♂️ Wouldn’t it be great to get results from social media and video platforms without producing so much content that just doesn’t get attention and leads?❓Would you like a simple system, where you can be a recognized au...
Today, R&R Construction of Florida is excited to announce the launch of our new website RRConstructionFL.com, which has been redesigned, written, and developed by R. Michael Brown LLC to provide a user-friendly and intuitive online experience for our clients.R&R Construction is uniquely positione...
South Florida’s R&R Construction of Florida has retained R. Michael Brown LLC for marketing consulting and content development.“We’re a local south Florida business with a new name and brand,” said Richard Carfagna, President of R&R Construction of Florida – formerly known as Custom Carpentry Sol...
Here's an interesting marketing idea that I just proved that it works!Pick a community service that you can do and provide it for free in your markets. It can be anything as long as nobody else is doing it. Just make sure you don't forget to tell folks about it and link to your website. Then sit ...
Since 1986, April has been designated as the Month of the Military Child (BRAT) by the United States Department of Defense.This is a legacy of Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger as a time to applaud military children and the daily sacrifices they make and the challenges that they overcome.Let's ...

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