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By R. Michael BrownMy 'Hood' is getting a makeover!The Sebring Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) approved an agreement to participate in a TV show’s makeover of the downtown Circle Park Drive area with the network proposing to spend about $1 million and the CRA pitching in $1.35 million.Show h...
Embarking on the entrepreneurial journey? Here's your daily dose of business motivation! 💼✨Every sunrise brings a new opportunity to chase your dreams, conquer challenges, and turn visions into reality.See More [R. Michael Brown Marketing Consultant & Freelance Writer]
The world is fragmented, in a frenzy, and unpredictable. Today brands have a chance to offer a way to focus on what matters. To make the most of that, brands must have meaning, logic, and nurture an emotional connection. We create your brand, turn it into an interactive experience, and communicat...
Understanding Your Customers is the Key to Offering Products & Services that Resonate.🚀 Customer Research: Start by listening – conduct interviews, focus groups, engage in social listening, and encourage feedback.Share your insights on understanding customer desires below! See More [R. Michael Br...
1️⃣ Increased Visibility2️⃣ Targeted Reach3️⃣ Brand Awareness4️⃣ Boost Sales5️⃣ Competitive EdgeHave you tried advertising for your business? Share your experiences or questions in the comments! Let's discuss the role of advertising in amplifying business success. 🌟💼 See More [R. Michael Brown Ma...
Stories play a pivotal role in fostering authenticity and trust in a brand. Unlike traditional marketing messages that can feel scripted and detached, stories provide real-life experiences and testimonials.These narratives resonate with potential customers on a personal level, offering genuine in...
Understanding your customers/clients goes beyond just knowing their names and basic demographics. It’s about comprehending their needs, desires, and pain points. 🤔How well do you know what they truly want? Listen closely to their feedback, engage in meaningful conversations, and conduct interview...
Wishing you health, prosperity, and great stories in 2024 from R. Michael Brown Marketing & Public Relations Consulting, Freelance Writing!See More [RMichaelBrown.com]#happynewyear2024#prosperity#healthy#storytelling
More homes coming on the market.Turnaround is a big deal, “ending a four-month streak of annual inventory declines. First time inventory has increased this late in the fall season since our records commenced in 2016.” From Realtor.com#RealEstate #housing 
Content marketing reaches consumers throughout their buying journey, assisting merchants in making the first sale and developing loyal buyers afterward.Content helps ecommerce sellers attract, engage, and retain customers.Learn More [R. Michael Brown]#contentmarketing#marketingtips#marketing#Cont...

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