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Follow the 8-steps to increase your real estate listings and sales with our Content Marketing System.🤷🏻‍♂️ Wouldn’t it be great to get results from social media and video platforms without producing so much content that just doesn’t get attention and leads?❓Would you like a simple system, where y...
Here's an experiment: I prompted ChatGPT to write an advertisement for a house in Florida.Prompt: Write a persuasive advertisement for selling a single family house in Florida.In about 15 seconds it gave me this:Looking for your dream home in the sunshine state? Look no further than this stunning...
An integrated marketing plan for your company or organization should include the following components: Business goals and objectives: Identify the company’s SMART* objectives and desired outcomes, such as increasing revenue or market share. Target audience: Define the ideal customer(s) for the co...
Marketing and communication platforms, and how to attract customers are changing fast.Need to get up-to-speed quickly to find clients with listings and buyers?R. Michael Brown Marketing and Communication Consulting will show you the 21 things you need to know in his presentation, Marketing 3.1.Th...
Get Attention for Your BusinessMore #Stories - Less #MarketingNeed a business storyteller? Contact: RMichaelBrown.com#MarketingStrategy#ContentMarketing#ContentCreator #Writer #MediaProducer#SalesFunnel #SalesStrategy #CustomerExperience#storytelling #business 
#ContentMarketing is all the rage now, especially in real estate. The big questions are, what #content, where, and at what stage of the customer buying funnel? So I came up with a Content Marketing and #CustomerJourney Funnel infographic to help clients and content producers know the content #Mar...

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