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Yes, we can do them!  And NO, we ain't just saying.... Foreign Nationals By Express Capital Mortgage Inc. Foreign National loans have been difficult or non-existent for quite some time.  With so many Foreigners purchasing properties from Canada out here in Arizona we have not given up in our sear...
First off I will be fair.  So you've probably heard or seen both sides of the coin already.  But AZmortgageMan is on a mission.  Here are five reasons where I can explain the unique superpowers of mortgage brokers, along with a word on how to prevent a broker from stretching your refinancing budg...
Below is an email I recieved today from an aspiring loan officer....... "I saw your post about looking for loan officers.  I don't have any mortgage experience, but I have a basic understanding and am looking for the right company to get started with.  I'm not sure how often you are on the BO for...
Express Capital Mortgage, Inc. is a full service mortgage company.  Our headquarters is located in Chandler, Arizona.  We are licensed to and are actively engaged in the origination of residential and commercial mortgage loans under FNMA, FHLMC, FHA, VA, Conventional and Reverse Mortgages.  While...
We understand the special needs of this market, and we have developed specific loan officer training to match those needs. Once certified as a  loan officers, you can take advantage of aggressive marketing campaigns and collateral materials designed to raise public awareness and generate qualifie...
How do reverse mortgages work? 1. American Citizen over the age of 62 2. There is no income qualifications. 3. It must be their primary residence. 4 Complete "FREE" HUD Counseling 5. Appraisal and Pest Report, can  be refunded at loan closing. 6. Payout can be in lump sum, a line of credit monthl...
During the past year, the recession has deceipted most of the mortgage industry. Profressional mortgage writers have found new carrers in other industries or part-time work due to the recession. Is loan writing really gone? Well this of these few facts. 1. Many peole are refinancing, they are tak...
Anyone know why a bank would only accepting conventional offers?  First time I have heard of this.  Furthermore, this week I had a realtor ask for proof that we are FHA approved and to see our license after I marked that borrowers were obtaining an FHA loan on the LSR.  Almost feeling offended an...
Everyone is mixed on the idea about real estate professionals taking on the additional job title of a loan officer or originator.  Most commonly the idea involving the rejection of it is the idea that clients will suspect that you don't focus your time and energy in being the best realtor you can...
Marketing SavingsWe are here for support to pass every bit of savings we can on to our staff as well as our referral partners.We are able to provide you tools for marketing and get you them at much lower rates.  How do we do it?  See our basic business model.Decreased need for general office spac...

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