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Educating Investors in Real Estate and Investment Strategies that produce multiple streams of Cash Flows or Assets.
As was expected, on May 28th Governor Crist signed into law what has generally become known as the second part of a series of “Anti-investor” legislation. This is Statute 501.1377 and it replaces the previous Stature 501.2078 which has been in effect since last year. The legislation takes straigh...
Hi Gang:I sure send a lot of emails and do alot of Blogs (I hear all of you moaning saying "HE SURE DOES!") about featured properties, developments, land etc... I try to include as much information as possible: pictures, survey, appraisal report, comps, Power Point Slide Shows....but I was having...
Click Here to view MREIA Club Page MREIA's May MeetingSummary and Video/Photo Gallery Meeting Summary:Well the meeting didn't start out too well because I forgot to bring my "jump drive" for the slide shows and went all the way back to the office to retrieve it. When I arrived there were ten peo...
For more information please call:Robert Burns (305) 300-6242 cellBob's E-MailMREIA Coming Events Web Page                                                             Click HERE to View Sterling Springs Resort Zip Line Video   If interested in requesting additional information, click HERE and fil...
Here is the most recent reading list recommended by MREIA for Real Estate Entrepreneurs or any Entrepreneur who has a passion or a thirst for knowledge.  It is an updated list from yesterdays Bob's Blog.  Click HERE and Enjoy!
Click "HERE" for IGG's and MREIA's Recommended Real Estate Reading ListI recently attended a presentation by Ray Higdon in Ft. Myers. Ray mentioned several books that had an impact on him. Several of the books matched several books I have read over the last few years. It's funny, the same books ...
7. Have your lawyer prepare your rental contract package.There are professional tenants that specialize in ripping off landlords based on loop holes in contracts, missing addendums, handling of monies, wording in the contracts, etc.  There are lawyers that specialize in protecting tenants from be...
4. Have your tenants send rent check to P.O. Box address.You don't want them to know where you live! Renters always show up when you are having dinner with your family.5. Always charge an application fee ($100) to process rental application. I always found that I had success with charging a non-r...
MREIA Photo Gallery Photos of April 22nd, 2008 meeting at the Renaissance at the Gables, page=mreia Click Here to view MREIA Club Page MREIA's April MeetingSummary and Photo Gallery Meeting Summary: Great MEETING! Attendance was refreshing with new faces...
Never hand over the keys to the property until tenant provides proof of utility connection (electricity & water). Why?• Many times ROOKIE Landlords will connect electricity and water to their properties to perform maintenance in-between renters.  The water and electricity must be working for Sect...

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Educating Investors in Real Estate and Investment Strategies that produce multiple streams of Cash Flows or Assets.