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Mortgage and Lending - Mortgage Consultant, Right Trac Financial Group, Inc. NMLS # 2709 - NMLS # 6869
“The Wine For Sure!” A husband and wife were sipping some wine, sitting in front of the fire on a cold wintry evening. The wife began purring. “I love you so much, and look forward to the end of each day. I don’t know how I could ever live without you.”Her husband asks, “Is that you or the wine t...
“We’ve Decided Not to Move” Betty and I have been thinking about our conversation, I believe we have decided on what is best for us. It never ceases to amaze us how you are much more than our mortgage guy, but rather a friend that we trust to have our best interest at heart.We have decided, that ...
“How Could You Get the Client Pre-Qualified and the Bank Couldn’t?” Mr. PetrowskyYou recently pre-qualified a client of mind and I’d like to ask a couple of questions if I may? I had originally referred Becca to my go to loan officer at XXX Bank and they could help her because they indicated her ...
“Wrong Answer!” My wife and I were watching Who Wants To Be A Millionaire while we were in bed.I turned to her and asked, “Do you want to have sex?”“No,” she answered. I countered with, “Is that your final answer?”She didn't even look at me this time, simply saying, “Yes.”So I said, "Then I'd lik...
“Thank You for Your Service” Mr. Petrowsky, Your name was given to me by Jim XXXXXX, he is the broker in my office. I just recently got my real estate license and want to get aligned with all of my partners and from what Jim has shared, you have more knowledge and experience than anyone in the ar...
“They Really Don’t Want to Selling” Hi Joe,I met with folks last evening who were considering selling, but after meeting with them, it was clear to me they really don’t want to sell their home. They really want to stay where they are, but need to refinance. Unfortunately they have a lot of short ...
“The Evil Witch is at it Again” A man is madly in love with a princess and wants to propose, but an evil witch has cast a spell on him and now he can say only one word a year. So he waits 14 agonizing years, accumulating all his words, before approaching his beloved.Finally, the big day arrives. ...
“Income from a Second Job” Hi Joe, It has been a couple of years since we have interacted. You may recall, I could not qualify for the property I was interested in. Hopefully, that is not the case any longer. The update is that I still have the same job that I had, but also have a second job whic...
“The Seller Decided Not to Sell” The seller suddenly decided to take the house off the market so the sale is terminated.  My agent is now working with our lawyer to get the appropriate refunds.  Please let me know if there is anything else I need to do to close the loop on this with you.Thank you...
“All of Us Could Use a Little Inspiration these Days” It takes a lot of courage and strength, with...

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