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Mortgage and Lending - Mortgage Consultant, Right Trac Financial Group, Inc. NMLS # 2709 - NMLS # 6869
“Hormel Food for Thought” Hormel made its first batch of SPAM in 1937. The company just announced that due to hoarding by consumers, it will be making its second batch. Yup, just like that, having a mask, rubber gloves, duct tape, a plastic sheet, and rope in your trunk is okay
"NO, I would Not refinance!”  Mr. Petrowsky, You did our mortgage a few years ago, I believe we have 7 years left to pay on it and owe approximately $68,000. Our current rate is 3.5% and are constantly being told we should refinance. Should we look at refinancing at this point? I know for sure th...
  “Ideal Client for Bank Statement Loan”  Your name was given to me by my real estate agent. She told me that you have mortgage financing for self-employed individuals that don’t show a lot of income on their tax returns, which exactly my situation. I have over 10k a month going through my busine...
“Your Free to Use as Well!” Today marks 6 weeks of isolation. Walking 5 miles a day, no meat, dairy or flour. Eating fresh vegetables and home cooked meals every day. The change has been fantastic! Zero alcohol. A healthy, gluten-free, caffeine-free diet and a 1-hour home workout every day. Lost ...
“Homes with Acreage, NOT a Problem!” Mr. Petrowsky, You name was given to me by my Realtor, she told me if you can’t help us get a mortgage no one can. Our Realtor got your name from the listing agent. I will share with you I have spoken to three different lenders, unfortunately they could help s...
“I Want to Join Right Trac” Mr. PetrowskyI have been employed by XXXXXX Bank for the last two years as a loan officer or maybe I should say, what they describe as a loan officer.During this time period I would get very frustrated with the amount of prospective clients that we just can’t help. Tha...
“No Sure that is a Safe Idea Either” I just gave my wife a dart and a poster of a world map.I said, "Throw this and wherever it lands I'm taking you on vacation when this pandemic is over."Turns out we're going to be spending two weeks behind the fridge.
    “Buyers are Armed with Pre-Qual Letters”  Hi Joe,My Realtor shared your contact with me as she is helping me to buy a house in the next couple of months or so. Please, let me know what you need from me to get the pre-qualification process started and to find out what my price boundaries (i.e....
       “We are Done with City Living”  Hey Joe, I’m done with city living, we are planning on putting our home on the market. Since Covid, we are both working from and doing some home schooling as well, but the kids will be going back to school full time or that is what we are being told.We had o...
“Great Suggestion for Social Distancing”  A guy hears a knock at his door“Who is it?” the guy yells.“It’s the cops, we just want to talk.”“How many of you are there?”“Two of us!”“Then talk among yourselves.”

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