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Mortgage and Lending - Mortgage Consultant, Right Trac Financial Group, Inc. NMLS # 2709 - NMLS # 6869
“I Will Never Eat a Ham Sandwich Again” A priest and a rabbi found themselves sitting across the aisle from each other on an airplane.After a while, the priest turns to the rabbi and asks, "Is it still a requirement of your faith that you not eat pork?"The rabbi responds, "Yes, that is still one ...
      “Separation and Divorce”  Hey Joe,I am very interested in refinancing. My wife and I are separating but I will be keeping the house so it will have to be under my name only. Let me know what the next steps would be? Thanks Joe!   Unfortunately, separation and divorce can cause emotional and...
“Super Bowl Special”  A week before the Super Bowl there was an ad in a local newspaper which said:“Local man offers marriage to any woman who has tickets to the Super Bowl. Those interested must send in photo of the tickets.”
“Perspective” Maybe we don't have it that bad? It's a mess out there now. Hard to discern between what's a real threat and what is just simple panic and hysteria. For a small amount of perspective at this moment, imagine you were born in 1900.On your 14th birthday, World War I starts, and later e...
      “Know Your Mortgage Options”  I have a question for my mortgage guru, about a very unique listing I have coming up. It is a 1900 (2) family in Mystic. It is 2 lots on one side of the railroad tracks and the other side is the water and water views from the second floor, but......the 74 year ...
  “Can Buying a Home be a Hopeless Idea?”  Hi JoeMy brother and his wife shared your name with me. We saw their newly purchased home over the weekend, so happy for them. The most amazing part is they were paying nearly $2000 a month rent and now have a mortgage payment $300 less, hard to believe....
“Be Careful When Asking a Loaded Question” I asked my wife if I was the only ONE she'd been with.I could see she was thinking about the question.She finally replied, "Yes. ALL the others had been nines and tens."
“We Have Saved Up More Money” Hey Joe,Hope you a good holiday! Just reaching out as a follow up to let you know that we have saved up a little more money towards our down payment/closing costs. We were also hoping to receive a gift from my mom but not sure that will happen. In addition to the $10...
“Yes, You Can Build Your Own Home” I just sold my house.I also own a building lot that I'd like to build on. I'd like to be my own GC although I'm not a contractor by trade. I want to manage the project. Hire the subcontractors.I want to build a small house.. If I can't be the GC I could invest m...
“Hormel Food for Thought” Hormel made its first batch of SPAM in 1937. The company just announced that due to hoarding by consumers, it will be making its second batch. Yup, just like that, having a mask, rubber gloves, duct tape, a plastic sheet, and rope in your trunk is okay

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