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Mortgage and Lending - Mortgage Consultant, Right Trac Financial Group, Inc. NMLS # 2709 - NMLS # 6869
“The Privilege of being a Business Owner”  The IRS suspected a fishing boat owner wasn't paying proper wages to his deckhand and sent an agent to investigate him.IRS Auditor: I need a list of your employees and how much you pay them.Boat Owner: Well, there's Clarence, my deckhand, he's been with ...
“Many Choosing the leave the Mortgage Business” Mr. PetrowskyI have always viewed you as a mentor during mortgage broker career. I have been at it for just of 10 years and for me, it is long enough. It is hard for me to believe that rates have doubled in the past few months, many of my current cl...
“Consolidating Debt, the Name of the Game These Days? Hello Joe. You got us our home in Vernon about 8 years ago. We definitely want to fix up a few things in the house, would like to pay off a few credit cards. Dollars are really tight right now with all the additionally daily costs we are facin...
“Let's Go to the Way Back Machine for this TV Clip”   "Well you see, Norm, it's like this...A herd of buffalo can only move as fast as the slowest buffalo. And when the herd is hunted, it is the slowest and weakest ones at the back that are killed first. This natural selection is good for the her...
“Trifecta”  Hi Joe, here are the documents you requested for Dave. We will be the third family that you will be doing a mortgage for over the past few months at our Montessori school. We are looking forward to working with you as well. Please let us know if you need anything else.  It all started...
“Many Companies Will Panic, Rather than Work Harder” Mr. Petrowsky,Not sure you remember me, my name is Glenn XXXXXXX, I interviewed with you 23 months ago. In any case, I joined another mortgage company and I got notice that they were closing their doors. It is pretty obvious at this point that ...
“Name Seven Advantages of Mother’s Milk” The question was worth 70 points or none at all.One student, in particular, was hard put to think of seven advantages.However, he wrote:It is perfect formula for the child.It provides immunity against several diseases.It is always the right temperature.It ...
“Of Course I Can Get a Mortgage Done, Even with No Credit Scores” Hi Joe, I read one of your blogs from a few years ago and have also been on you Linkedin page. I have the sense that you may be able to help me. I would like to buy my grandparent’s home but have not been successful because I don’t...
“Self-Build Construction Loans” Hi Joe,Thank you so much for your help! I am so delighted that I came across a blog you wrote about doing a self-build construction loan. As I shared previously, I spoke to numerous banks and mortgage brokers, all said no. I wasn’t giving up, I wanted to build my o...
“Corny English Puns." Dad, are we pyromaniacs? Yes, we arson. What do you call a pig with laryngitis? Disgruntled. Writing my name in cursive is my signature move. Why do bees stay in their hives during winter? Swarm. If you’re bad at haggling, you’ll end up paying the price. Just so everyone’s c...

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