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Rick Phillips, Jr., a certified residential appraiser, licensed in Virginia and Washington, DC, living in Fairfax County, provides an appraiser's point of view to Real Estate issues.
Development of Colubmia Heights began shortly after the end of the Civil War, and some of the residential and commercial buildings reflect the architecture of that period.  A major revitalization came to Columbia Heights in 1999, the year of the opening of the Columbia Heights Metro station.  Sho...
Valley View stretches north to Kings Highway, and it is bounded on the east by US Route 1, the south and wet by Huntley Meadows Park.  The broader market area encompasses Groveton, Rose Hill and Guilford to the north, Hybla Valley to the south, and Bucknell Heights on the east side of Route 1.  B...
Burke Centre: Just north of the Burke Centre Parkway, in the town of Burke (in Fairfax County), lies a large townhouse development: Burke Centre.  Built in the early 1980s when Burke was undergoing a revitalization period, these townhouses are well constructed.  Most have basements; a few even ha...
Keene Mill Village is a townhouse development just off Old Keene Mill Road at the western edge of Springfield.  Burke Lake County Park lies to the west.  Nearby Rolling Road leads north to Burke and Fairfax.  The homes inside Keene Mill Village were built in the early 80s and are of good construc...
Great Falls - A Neighborhood in Fairfax, VA At the northwestern-most section of Fairfax County, Great Falls offers opportunities to explore both nature and history.  Vast tracts of undeveloped or protected land, combined with the relatively large sizes of residential lots, make for its sparse pop...
How much does it for a residential appraisal? I get asked this question every day.  It varies from state to state and from appraiser to appraiser.  Do you get what you pay for?  Is a higher priced appraiser done better?  Why do I have to pay so much?  The list goes on. I'm posting what my fee is ...
Dale City is a large community in Woodbdridge, in Prince William County.  Named after the "hills and dales" of the rolling landscape, Dale City is known today for having one of the largest outlet malls, Potomac Mills, in the region. Dale City is bounded on the north by Hoadly Road, the east by In...
There's a form-writing software in the appraiser world known as WinTOTAL.  It's pretty good--not great.  I use it becase my mentoring appraiser used it.  I needed to be able to collaborate with him on projects, and using the same software was key. Later on, when I opened my own firm, I continued ...
Cherrydale is an old neighborhood in North Arlington, the heart of which is the intersection of Lee Highway (Route 29), and North Military Road.  Detached, colonial-style homes line narrow, hilly streets.  Lee Heights is a small neighborhood within Cherrydale, on the north side of Lee Highway. No...
Part Hope Park - A Neighborhood in Fairfax County, VA It is not certain how it got its name, but Park Hope Part encompasses an area in Fairfax County around the very large intersection of Braddock Road and the Fairfax Parkway, about half way between Centreville and Fairfax City.  George Mason Uni...

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Rick Phillips Jr. is a certified residential appraiser licensed in Virginia and Washington, DC. Living in Fairfax County with a location in Arlington, Rick appraises houses in all of Northern Virginia and the District of Columbia. Rick writes about real estate appraisals, appraisal issues, seller and buyer issues, local neighborhoods and market areas, real estate agent tips, steps to understanding a home's value, and much more.