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Rick Phillips, Jr., a certified residential appraiser, licensed in Virginia and Washington, DC, living in Fairfax County, provides an appraiser's point of view to Real Estate issues.
Lose weight by eating?  I know, it seems too good to be true!  I NEVER believed this was possible before now.  Rather, I chose to jog more or do more of the tedious and boring eliptical machine. I mean, I knew what bad food was: cookies, french fries, Cokes (I used to drink two or three a day)......
I would like to add Jeff, a certified personal fitness trainer at my gym, to my cicle of excellence.  He hasn't set up his website yet, but when he does, I will post it here.   If you're in the Alexandria City area (his gym is Jungle's in Old Town), and you want to get serious about getting back ...
I listened to a loan officer's presentation at our office's monthly meeting, yesterday, about FHA Loans.  Agents were getting a little bit caught up in the details (as FHA is raising mortgage insurance premiums from 1.25% to 1.35%). What people need to remember is that FHA loans, even before the ...
Anyone out there reading this, feel free to comment or email me ... I have a client who until recently had a great townhouse in a great neighborhood.  However, his neighbor decided it would be a good idea to build a deck that extends to a point where anyone sitting on it can see directly into my ...
"Snap, Crackle, Pop!" - Great For Selling Cereal.  How About For Selling A House With Pergo Floors?! I recently accepted an appraisal assignment up in the mountains.  The house was new, but like many in the market area had recently been foreclosed upon.  I didn't think very much about the noise I...
Mount Pleasant is an old neighborhood in Washington, DC named after the 1700's estate, "Pleasant Plains." Development continued in the 1800s, and residents built many detached homes which still exist. Today, Mount Pleasant offers a mix of housing styles including attached rowhouses and condominiu...
I am working on an assignment in Georgetown, and I came across, as one of the comps, a house I had previously appraised several months ago.  The house I already appraised is now listed with a new listing agent, and it reads "Come see this newly listed historic Federal in the W. Village." Setting ...
I got an assignment in Washington, DC the other day.  This was a really (really, really) nice condo in one of the city's oldest buildings.  It's aso in one of my favorite areas: Kalorama.  Why is that one of my favorite areas?  Probably because if I lived there I could stumble to 30 or 40 bars, b...
Cleveland Park is an old neighborhood in Washington, DC, named after President Grover Cleveland.  Connecticut Avenue holds much of the commercial section which includes many restaurants and shops, and it leads to Central DC and out of the city into Maryland.  Residences consist of older, detached...
Clifton is an old town, formed during the time of the Civil War.  It's one of only three towns in Fairfax.  The other two are Herndon and Vienna. Compton Height is a newer subdivision of large, colonial-style homes in the northern section of Clifton.  Houses have been built here, and in nearby Li...

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Rick Phillips Jr. is a certified residential appraiser licensed in Virginia and Washington, DC. Living in Fairfax County with a location in Arlington, Rick appraises houses in all of Northern Virginia and the District of Columbia. Rick writes about real estate appraisals, appraisal issues, seller and buyer issues, local neighborhoods and market areas, real estate agent tips, steps to understanding a home's value, and much more.