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Rick Phillips, Jr., a certified residential appraiser, licensed in Virginia and Washington, DC, living in Fairfax County, provides an appraiser's point of view to Real Estate issues.
I've been stuck inside typing for what seems like days.  Some spurts of procrastination strewn in between the work:       Appraiser or Paparazzo? One of the Spice Girls beats up an appraiser in CA for taking photos of her home.  How dare he do that!!!: http://perezhilton.com/2010-03-02-sued-mel-b...
Far off U.S. Route 1 and bumped up to the edge of Quantico lies the secluded neighborhood of Graham Park Shores.  Noted for its Whistling Swans, the area ecompasses residences along and across from Quantico Creek in Triangle, Viginia.It is bounded on the north and east by the Potomac River and so...
Improve Your Odds of Receiving a Better AppraisalLately I have spoken to several listing agents who are frustrated by appraisals that reveal a much lower value than the final sales price.  In some cases these agents have fielded several offers.  In some cases they've had the homeowner make signif...
Way back in the 90s, right after I got my very first job, I noticed a door-to-door sales guy who was hitting our neighborhood.  It was July and the guy, wearing a full suit, looked like he was going to die.  I saw him before he ever got to the house and I called him over.  I told him to sit down ...
If you need an appraisal in Washington, DC or Northern Virginia (including Fairfax, Alexandria, and Arlington), please head over to www.appraisalsguaranteed.com and order one from this certified residential appraiser!   With regard to parcel maps... There are more tools available to appraisers (a...
5 Things the Listing Agent Can Do When the Appraisal Is Lower Than the Sales Price You won the bid for the listing.  You guided your seller through repairs he will never get to enjoy.  You successfully marketed the house.  You received an offer from a qualified buyer that made your seller happy. ...
The Three S's in FHA AppraisingFHA guidelines require that a house meet a basic level of livability before it can be approved for a loan.  A way to conduct your own preliminary test as to whether a home will pass an FHA appraisal inspection is to use the three S's: Safety, Security, and Soundness...
I receive this question from time to time, so it's time to blog about it.  I'm going to use my own licenses as examples. In Virginia: 1) Visit the Appraiser section of Virginia's Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation: http://www.dpor.virginia.gov/dporweb/apr_main.cfm 2) Click "Li...
Last week I received a call from a loan officer who was very excited about a deal on which he was working.  "Zillow says the value is $271,500!  We should be all set!" $271,500.  I love that.  I mean, it estimates to the nearest $500 ...  He faxed over the order. All set... I delivered the report...
Why do appraisers need to see the sales contract?  An agent called me up this morning and asked me this question.  I didn't think 2 seconds before uttering a reply "because it's on the form."  Duh! "But why?" he pressured me.  "Why do I have to show the appraiser a number?  I want to know the val...

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Rick Phillips Jr. is a certified residential appraiser licensed in Virginia and Washington, DC. Living in Fairfax County with a location in Arlington, Rick appraises houses in all of Northern Virginia and the District of Columbia. Rick writes about real estate appraisals, appraisal issues, seller and buyer issues, local neighborhoods and market areas, real estate agent tips, steps to understanding a home's value, and much more.