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 Hi,      I recently had a client call me to ask if I could get their septic tank pumped out. I replied, "Yes, I'll have the tank pumped as part of my inspection." The reply was, "The system was inspected already, and they just needed the tank pumped out."     WOW! This is a big "Red Flag" It's l...
Hi,     My daughter and fiancee are looking at a home in foreclosure that needs a new septic field. The home is priced where after investing the $10,000 needed, it should appraise for more than the total investment.     Many of my home inspections are for first time buyers looking for a starter h...
Hi,      A good home inspector has to walk a fine line when doing a home inspection. If your too critical, the Realtor has to work harder to sell the home, too general, and the buyer might not realize the severity of a problem.     Then there's the liability issue. If a Realtor recommends a home ...
  Hi,      Different home inspectors have varying qualifications, equipment, experience, reporting methods, and yes, different pricing      In Michigan, inspectors are not required to be licensed. Anyone who has a business card can start advertising as a home inspector. The Mich. Dept of Labor an...

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