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Jackson Hole -  Isn't that the little cowboy town in Wyoming?   Well -  Yeah , I guess it is.  We are still that little mountain town in the north west corner of Wyoming .  But Jackson has become a lot more than that,   I have been here for almost twenty years and I have been witness to a major c...
This property has huge development potential.    It is 11 acres with an older hotel, a trailer park, and a commercial business.   This property has three active wells and four highway accesses. Alpine is an amazingly beautiful place.   Click to view listing(s)You can always view our properties at...
With all of this writitng on my blog - I thought I should give you a look at one of my listings.   This is a ski in / ski out condo located at the base of Jackson Hole Mountain resort in Teton Village.    The views are amazing and I don't plan on it staying around much longer.      Click to view ...
Two nights ago I received a call from a dear friend of mine who is a great local business woman that owns a wonderful hotel in the town of Jackson.  Her concern was mine - that we are losing one of our long standing institutions - The Jackson State Bank to a national chain -  Wells Fargo. And my ...
If you where thinking about turning an old apartment into a new condo complex in the Town of Jackson.  You might have missed your boat.    The Town Council impossed a moratorium in the conversion of apartment complexes into condos.    They did this so that they can figure out what there regulatio...
As I sit here looking at the stats from 2007 and I compare them to our record breaking 2006.   I notice one thing has not changed here.  We still have a lack of inventory and prices continue to go up.   Why is Jackson "Bucking" the trend?  simple supply and demand.     If you want more info go to...

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