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The latest tax credit ended Friday with the exception of California (offering its own $10k tax credit far beyond today).  Many Agents have been inundated with Buyers this week; Buyers who waited until the deadline.  As challenging as that has been (and continues to be) I congratulate those Agents...
"Normal" employees have an advantage when it comes to systems.  An employee's systems are created for them.  The employer knows what skills, what attitude, what education and experience he or she is looking for to succeed with the system of the job they are filling.  The employee is hired into an...
Over 22,000 Agents opened (and read) the article "Top Ten Negotiating Rules for REALTORS®."  From the Pacific Coast Highway to Hamptons; from the Upper Peninsula to Corpus Christi Real Estate Agents are eager to improve their negotiating skills.  It makes sense.  REALTORS® negotiate all the time ...
Last week there was some talk about the tax credit being extended. A coaching client from California sent me the below excerpt which would explain why the rumor was going around.(obviously on the east coast) Thought I would pass it along. I would also like to Thank all the people that responded t...
On a recent live Q & A call, we were discussing prospecting ideas and one of my coaching clients was gracious enough to share an idea that is working for her with great success. Thank you Janet Ditroia ( Not only did she share her ideas but also the exact wording sh...
It's the best of times and the worst of times.  Buyers are eager to buy and buy quickly, that's good.  And Buyers are feeling pressure to buy quickly, that can be bad.  Buyers will make less informed decisions, with less confidence; which will lead them to be shakier; come up with more demands af...
Really, this is the most valuable lesson; how to control your mental and emotional state.  One of my favorite books on motivation "You Can Heal You Life." By Louise L. Hay reads, "The point of power is always in the present moment.  What we think about ourselves becomes the truth for us. Your tho...
Agents are taught altogether too much manure.  I just read a blog that addressed the horror and absence of value of holding open houses.  It had a couple of facts.  A tiny portion of open house visitors buy the house they saw at the open.   Here's an interesting one of our own.  Over 60% of the p...
An Agent told me today that she has learned to call her past Clients and open with the statement, "This is a business call."  Please, don't say that.  Believe me, I understand the logic behind it and I'll show you now, how to accomplish the same thing without that rapport breaking statement. By t...
An Agent asked me how many calls it takes to be successful.  I said it depends on who is making the calls and who they are calling.  He said, "You know Real Estate calls."   He said that he learned that if he made calls three hours a day it would make him successful and he wanted my opinion.  How...

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