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Negotiating is a weakness for most Real Estate Agents. It is often the Agent's most costly weakness. This webinar with a comprehensive e-workbook are the foundation on which an Agent can build true negotiating expertise and immediately raise his/her level of confidence and skill. Rich will conduc...
1. Get active.  Call the leads that you already have.  Hold Opens.  Go to picnics, parties and events.  Visit or call past Clients.  Call on Expireds and For Sale by Owners.  Be active every working weekday. 2. Don't get sloppy or inconsistent with your prospecting and marketing.   Or if you have...
As with my previous post, I am hearing so much negativity related to Real Estate.  Having been in this business for thirty years and speaking to Agents coast to coast every day gives a person some perspective.  Those of you who follow my articles and/or see me speak can attest that I have been ri...
I have been reading through several of the blog posts on here and I have to stay I am stunned by the doom and gloom that Agents are passing along to other Agents. This should be a place to learn, share, grow, network etc but not bring each other down. Yes Agents are struggling from coast to coast...
Recently during a group coaching session we discussed whether now is a good time to buy. My assistant Rebecca pointed out that the average person isn't aware of the market like we as Real Estate Agents are. So when I came across this article it was nice to see that other people thought the same w...
"Real Estate can be like a roller coaster.  If you don't have enough momentum going down, then you won't have the momentum to get back up."  Bob O'Brien (a coaching client) said this to me recently.  Bob has been selling Real Estate for ten years and has already sold more this year than any entir...
Many Real Estate Agents have people in their Spheres of Influence who are Jewish and the Agents are aware that the Jewish New Year is around now.  Jewish holidays start at sundown instead of at midnight.  This year the J New Year called Rosh Hashanah begins this Wednesday evening.  People begin t...
1. Real Estate is local by nature.  A 27% drop in existing housing sales does not mean that your community is down 27%.  The seasonally adjusted annual rate of sales is still over 3,800,000 properties sold.  Those sales will happen in a lot of communities.  As I have repeated many times, "There a...
Now I want to start by saying I often take calls from clients even though they are not scheduled to speak with me. My clients' feel comfortable calling if a situation arises in between coaching sessions. Today I had one such phone call.Denise was in the office after a good listing presentation. A...
Yesterday a coaching Client called and was wildly upset.  A current client of his had just "Googled" the Agent and found a very negative review posted on  It was a very NEGATIVE review. Luckily he had enough rapport with his client that he was able to explain the negati...

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