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Interesting situation, one of my Clients, an Agent in New Jersey went on a listing presentation.  He was one of four Agents interviewing, competing for the listing.  He was third.  There was still one more agent after him.  He got the listing.  He asked why?  The Seller told him.  You weren’t pus...
The first week in January it was obvious that Buyers were coming into the market at a pace we haven’t seen in years.  It was apparent between Christmas and New Year’s Day for those working during that time. So, on my free Daily webinars ( I advised Agents to make cont...
Mary Ann’s dentist had a Real Estate need.  His mother moved to an independent living residence and he, the dentist, needed to sell her house.  He told Mary Ann that he had forty Real Estate Agents who were patients of his.  She was one of three that he chose to interview for the listing.  Mary A...
  For some reason this is working better right now than ever in the past. Agents that I coach all over the country are using this and literally everywhere it is generating listing leads.  You have a Buyer who you have shown everything on the market and they can’t find what they want.  So, you sen...
It’s one of the most interesting parts of my job.  When an Agent that I coach is in the middle of a tough negotiation I ask them to call me. Debbie did. The asking price was $769,000.  The offer came in at $625,000.   Debbie is smart and talented.  As the owner’s anger and frustration arose, Debb...
  My recent blog about listings got a lot of positive comment, thank you.  Let’s be clear on another thing.  If listings are the name of the game, Buyers are the rest of the game.  You don’t make a commission with a Buyer.  In fact, a qualified, motivated Buyer with an urgent need is as good as ...
Keep Taking Listings Here’s why.  First, I know that in many markets listings are not selling very quickly.  The listings have to be priced right, in very good condition and still may not sell.  (Although by definition priced right means they will sell.  The problem of course is that priced righ...
Arnold is launching an Internet Company.  It is a terrific idea.  He has a partner.  He contacted me for advice.  He said that he called an important new Client yesterday.  It turned out that his partner spoke with the same Client earlier in the day about the same topic.  And they didn’t present ...
A Coaching Client sent me this in an e-mail.  “I don’t believe that if I do put in the effort that I can see the financial results.  Because of that I hesitate to initiate the work. Even the most successful agents are struggling today. ” There are a number of major, and I mean major problems with...
Our next scheduled skills building webinar will be held Thursday, March 31 at 11:00 AM EST.   Kyle Killebrew is a Top Agent selling over 100 properties per year. He is also creating personal wealth by adding multiple investment properties to his portfolio every year. We are very excited to have ...

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