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Happy New Year, Agents!A New Year, new possibilities in business and beyond! In this week’s 1st Fifteen, Rich goes over some powerful attitude shifts, affirmations, and practical tasks that will create a massive shift in your approach to the year.(For more details, you can always skip to the inst...
Creating Ads is a major part of the Real Estate Agent’s job. With over 30 years of experience in the business, Rich Levin has clarified Ad-building into a simple 4 step process that anyone can use to make effective marketing that sells.I’m going to share that formula with you today. I encourage y...
This post was originally published on Setting goals in Real Estate can be tricky–there is a lot that is out of your hands, and a lot that can change.The foundation of the coaching at Real Estate Grad School is our unique way of setting goals. In this week’s webinar, Rich ...
Time management and organization are two of the things Real Estate Agents complain about most–and it makes sense! Real Estate Agents are essentially entrepreneurs, small business owners. There’s nobody outside telling you what to do and where to be, how to organize your time.In this week’s webina...
What would it mean to you if you earned another $20,000 in 2016, on top of what you’re making this year?And then if you did it again, repeatedly, over the next three years?For a lot of clients, paying off bills is top of the list.And for most of them, they can wipe those out in one strong year.So...
 In preparation for an upcoming speaking engagement, I spoke with some of the top brokers I coach to hear each of their top techniques.See which of these you could start to use in your own business. Broker #1:Use professional photography – One broker said he shows clients the visual difference be...
Believe it or not, I coined a new term.They even named a movie after this term without asking my permission. But it’s true. You can even ask one of my coaching clients, Terry from Tulsa, who I was speaking with when I first uttered these fateful words:“The New Normal”Terry and I were talking abou...
Have you ever heard of the term “decision fatigue“?  Basically, the idea is that the more decisions you make throughout the day, the less effective our decision making becomes.Having a generic routine for the Working Weekdays will save your mental energy for more important decisions that are boun...
This post was originally published on, your hardest questions of the week… …Did you exceed your appointment goals for last week, and are you already scheduled for this week? …Where are you in relation to your May Sales and Listing goals? Have you achieved them? Can ...
This post was originally published on There is a formula for success in Real EstateWe at Real Estate Grad School make this formula the simplest in the business, and the most accurate.It’s the most able to take you where you want to go.Here it is…Work daily on all these fo...

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