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First,  THANKS!!! to all of you who were on todays NAR webinar.  That was fun to know that there were so many people hanging out with me.  It is possible to have a business in which you lose fewer deals, in which there is less stress, more referrals and more satisfaction.  And... that business is...
Wow my 1st Fifteen Daily Training Webinars are becoming a huge success!  Each week  more and more Agents are logging on to see what all the hype is about. Once they experience the positive results these 15 minutes generate for them they are hooked. Where your focus goes your energy flows. This is...
I had a call with a coaching client today that is struggling with family issues and her business is faltering because of it. Here is an excerpt from a response I sent her.As my own boys go through these "learning experiences" I, so much, want to protect them.  Then I remember and realize that wha...
Hey check out my new video. I am very proud of it. Title: The Missing Skill that Saps Agent Motivation    
I am pleased to be conducting my first real estate training webinar with Realtor University this Thursday. You still have to time to register for this information packed webinar. Register Today, there are still a few seats available. In this webinar Agents create the plan with all three elements ...
This system is proven to bring you a continuous flow of repeat business.Some things make me smile!  This is one.  Fall is the time of year my Coaching Clients (Real Estate Agents) are reaping the rewards of following the Referral Reward system all year.  It actually generates business all year. ...
A Coaching Client (a Real Estate Agent) recently asked this question.  It is a common problem and here is the solution.  The QuestionI think I am missing the boat on some Clients because I forget about them.  I lost contact with them and this is costing me thousands, maybe tens of thousands of do...
Color for Real Estate is having a two for the price of one sale.  Color for Real Estate is one of the design companies I recommend for postcard mailings.  I like them because they are one of the least expensive and they will do custom design with no design charges.  I get nothing for promoting th...
Recently a client emailed me about how well she was doing this month and was hoping it would continue and that she was going to try to keep up with the increased business. Here was my response.It's not about hope.  Keep watching the numbers and recording them.  The principle, "What gets measured ...
There are about sixty days left for first time Buyers to find a house and get it under contract.  The deadline for the $8,000 Federal Tax Credit to first time Buyers is a huge success.  Now (August) the higher priced homes are selling because all those Sellers of the first home price range are mo...

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